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Do Spells Really Work?

How to Make Magic Work

When you see something about spells, you are intrigued and curious. Yet you might also be questioning whether spells really work and if magic is real. Though you may have heard that magic is real and that you just must believe in it, it takes some time to get that thought and that belief to settle into your brain. Here are some tips to make your magical spell work.

How to make magic work

A spell begins with a clear understanding of what you want to do and what your intention is for the working. You need to get quiet with yourself and think about what you most desire. It can help to write down the things you want from this spell and then think about the emotions that are attached to the desires.

Stop and let the paper hold the thoughts that you have and breathe. Settle into your body and think about the one thing that you want from the spell. What you’re doing now is creating a clear intention so the universe understands what you want. It’s better to create a specific intention at the start so there’s no confusion as you work the spell.

You might create an intention that looks like:

I will bring __________ into my life at the right time, with harm to none.

You can fill in anything you want for that blank space and you have created a spell intention. From there, you might decide to light a candle when you say this line three times and then leave the candle burning until it goes out.

It’s best to not have a timeframe on your spell unless you’re in danger or there’s a pressing need for a deadline. And it’s a good idea to focus on ONE thing at a time when you’re doing a spell so your energy can be focused in ONE direction.

Your mind matters

Once you have cast the spell, you need to believe it will work. Even if you’ve never done a spell before, you need to believe in magic. Make sure that you fill your brain with positive messages and thoughts. Even if you falter at times, bring your brain back to the positive thoughts.

I am magical. The spell is already working. My wishes will come true.

You can choose to use these words or some other words to bring your spell into reality more quickly and easily. Focus on the way that you will feel when the spell comes true, feel all the emotions and the joy. Feel how your body feels knowing that you will get the thing you want.

Be patient…and take action

If your intention is set, your emotions are positive, and you have one focus for your magic, you then need to trust in the wisdom of the universe. You need to be patient as it knows the best timeline for your wishes and magic. Trust that it is doing all that it can to bring your spell into being and that you will be pleasantly surprised when things happen.

At the same time, if you are doing a spell for love in your life, you can’t stay in your house and assume someone will knock on your door. And if you’re doing a spell for a new job, you still need to send out applications and set up interviews. Think about how you can help your spell along so you get what you want and so you show the universe that you’re engaged too.

Spells can and do work when you have your mind and body in alignment with your intention.


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