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Witches and Witchcraft Spells

Wiccans and Witches both use witchcraft spells.  You may be under the impression that they are both the same thing, but in fact, they are different.  The only reason that Wiccans are considered to be witches is due to the fact that they too cast witchcraft spells.

What is the Difference between Wiccans and Witches?

To clarify the difference, Wiccans are those who are a part of the pagan religion known as Wicca. Paganism includes a number of different religions that are usually polytheistic, or worships more than one God, and nature-based. Witches, on the other hand, are any male or female who performs witchcraft despite of their religious or non-religious background.  In other words, being a witch does not necessarily require you to be a Wiccan.  You can also be Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Christian, or even an atheist and still cast this kind of spell.

How Witchcraft can be Used to Help You

There is no end to the wonders that witchcraft can perform. From fixing festering relationships to finding new love in your life; from attracting wealth and riches to vitality; from health recovery to looking more attractive, witchcraft spells can take care of much more than we can possibly think of.

Many people wonder whether these paranormal forces really work or are they merely a hoax built on the premises of coincidence. Even if they work what are the identifiable forces that make this supernatural event happen? As far as the non-believers are concerned, working of witchcraft spells can be nothing more than a coincidence.

For example, if you are missing a person too much and that person calls you up right then; if you are in love with a man/woman who has never paid any attention to you, and he/she suddenly begins to enjoy your company; you are known for always being broke but one fine day you win a fortune etc. can happen to people even without the intervention of witchcraft.

But the fact remains that ‘truth is weirder than fiction’. Only in recent years witchcraft spells have enjoyed a new wave of popularity, but keep in mind that these are very ancient creations. Some spells go back thousands of years in time to places like ancient Egypt where Gods of magic were worshipped. Does anyone wonder how Cleopatra could attract great men like Mark Anthony and Caesar?

Understanding the Nature of Witchcraft

Witchcraft is of dual nature. With good exists evil and with evil exists good. If spells have the power to heal they have the power to harm as well. For example, the purple magic spells that help in gaining social positions, winning court cases etc has to happen at the cost of someone else’s loss. Magic rituals have the power to lift curses but the point remains that someone with the help of some other spell caster ‘had laid a curse’ before.

Casting Witchcraft Spells

Witchcraft spells can include anything good or, bad depending upon the nature and intentions of the spell caster. Some may agree to help people to lay curses and throw another person’s life to the wolves, and there may be the other casters who will refuse to victimize others but will be willing to help you improve your life beyond expectations.

All that an individual in trouble has to do is to find an authentic spell caster and leave the rest to him/her. Sometimes it takes quite a while before results are experienced. It could be a week, a month or even a few months. Keeping your faith and believing in the witchcraft spell is the best way to make it function in your favor.

Witchcraft is also the act of using natural energies of stones, herbs, and other elements/objects along with the energies that live within you.  Being a witch is not something that is automatically passed through generations of witchcraft; instead, becoming one is actually by choice.  Casting witchcraft spells and using magic does take a lot of learning, practice, experience, and most importantly, is the belief in your craft.  With this in mind, anyone can become a witch whenever they choose to become one. How effective they are depends on their knowledge and the powers they can build up within themselves.

No one can deny that the life of an ordinary person is full of hopes, dreams and ambitions. But there are times when the individual has to compromise with his desires because he has absolutely no way of achieving them. This is when witchcraft spells come to the rescue.

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