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While you might think break up rituals are to break up your own marriage or relationship, that is not the case. This powerful love spell is designed to help you stop any relationship which is working against your current relationship and love.

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When you know that your partner is seeing someone else, your first reaction may be anger.  You become mad at them for thinking that you can be someone that they cheat on, even though you have both admitted your love for each other.  But while they might not be doing what you want them to do, they might also simply have had a weak moment in which they need your help.  They might need you to save them from this other person and to see how much you love them.  With break up spells, you can begin to separate your partner from their other partner, helping to restore your love to its original form.

In the situation of a partner who is cheating, you can use break up spells to break up their relationship and begin to renew your love for each other.

They will no longer desire the other person and the person who was cheating with your partner will feel as though they need to go too. The energies of my magic won’t hurt them, they will find happiness somewhere else.

Simple and effective, this break up spell works with the idea that true love should be protected. As a result, this ritual is not going to cause any harm to you.  It is merely trying to protect the true love that you feel and the true love that you want in your life.

By using this spell, you will be able to change the way your relationship is working and you can make sure it’s going to be stable and safe from future harm too. Your relationship is precious to you and to the universe.  Love that is true should be saved from all troubles.

If your partner has left you for this person it is recommended to cast a Return a Lost Lover Spell simultaneously.

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5.00 out of 5

reviews for Break-up Spell

  1. K. (verified owner)

    It’s actually quite eerie how well this spell works. The girl my partner left me for was not a very nice person, but since their (albeit nasty) break up she has gone on to better herself and is actually on her way to being a decent human being. Thank you Memoona, for not only breaking them up, but for giving all parties concerned an opportunity to love ourselves better. That’s true magick.

  2. D.H. (verified owner)

    All I can say is – this does and has worked for me. My boyfriend left me for his ex-wife in hopes that his step children and biological son would let him back into their lives if he gave it one more really good honest try. We had been together already for 3 years, but his step children and biological son would not allow him into their lives if he was still with me. Neither would his Mom or siblings so he did try, and broke my heart and his……. This break-up came about on 06/02/20 and by the end of August he and I were already back together and planning for our future as we did for the 3 years we were together. His children have accepted that their Dad, my boyfriend, needs to be happy too. So – believe or do not believe, but Memoona’s spells must have helped my situation. I ordered the Break-Up Spell, Return Lost Lover, and the Obsession Spell – my life is right back to where I am happy again with him in my life. Thank you so very much Memoona !!!!! I believe in what you do for people.

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