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Introduction to Black Magic

Black magic is also known as dark magic and is magic practiced by those interested in the dark arts.  Some consider it a completely malevolent force in magic but, in fact, it can be used to a good end.  It does, however, draw upon the use of malevolent powers and deities in order to make the magic happen.

When Black Magic is Used

It is used when a practitioner or spell seeker wishes to kill something, take something away from another, injure another or cause destruction or misfortune to another individual for personal gain and without thought as to the consequences that could happen to the other person.

In thinking about the things that are done with black magic that, at first seem malevolent, but have a benevolent purposes, one can think of the killing of pests or diseases that, in turn, help people.  The malevolence is directed toward the pest or disease but the humans involved are treated benevolently.

The Practitioners of Black Magic

Black Magic can be practiced by witches who specialize in the dark arts or by wizards who similarly believe the dark arts fit within their belief system better than the light arts or white magic.  The spells are similar to the light arts but may involve the invocation of malevolent spirits. There can be black magic love spells and black magic healing spells that are approached differently from white magic spells.

The ideas and system of Chaos Magic apply to black magic.  According to the chaos magical theory, it is called black magic when themes of death, loss, severance, separation and entropy are employed.  Black witches, in this way, can cast powerful curses towards people or things in such a way as to create chaos in the system.  The most powerful curses are needed to sever ties between people and other people or against people and their things.

Sometimes, black magic is considered to be any spell which goes on the offensive against a person or thing, while white magic is used as a defense against a person or thing.  Offensive spells can involve fire and involve words which are intended for strength and offense.

The Differences of Black Magic and White Magic

The differences between black magic and white magic can be great or slight, depending upon your viewpoint.  Some people consider that white magic is just as bad as black magic and all of it is malevolent.  They believe that magic is related to Satanism regardless of the type of magic practiced.  Others believe that black magic involves only the powers of darkness and it may oppose or go alongside white magic without directly opposing it.

Some people believe that dark magic takes different forms than white magic.  The aims and interests of those who practice the dark arts are different from those who practice positive magic.  In black magic, it tends to involve symbols of things that can hurt people, such as pointed objects, prickly or caustic objects.  Hot objects are also used and Blood mementos and items such as a person’s hair are considered part of black spells.

Still others contend that there is no connection whatsoever between black magic and white magic.  They are not opposed to one another and black magic represents simply a personal choice of the way to practice magic.

The concept of the colors of magic is controversial but is a viable way to practice magic among practitioners of magic.  It is a personal choice of a very powerful magical energy.


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