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Evil Eye, Curses and Jinx

For many years, even leading to ancient eras, there have been strong beliefs in curses and types of curses such as the Evil Eye and jinx. There have been cultures such as Ancient Greek, Japanese, etc. that have strong beliefs in these evil energies that would actually influence several ways of life such as painting a child’s face black to protect and use of several protection amulets and charms. You may say you are not superstitious, but chances are you don’t test the argument.


A curse is wished misfortune placed on someone or through something. Curses can be placed on a specific individual to cause misfortune to that individual, even targeting on a specific type of misfortune and harm. A curse can also be placed on an item as a type of protection from theft causing harm and misfortune to those that are not the owner. Curses are forms of evil and negativity and can be very dangerous.

The Evil Eye

For many, many years, throughout various cultures including folk, all around the world, the belief can be found. It is a belief that the Evil Eye, a certain look or stare of malice and envy, can cause you harm and misfortune if placed unto you. The thinking is that the practice of excessively praising your children or possessions can cause the Evil Eye to be invited causing misfortunes, usually targeted towards the children and possessions you praised. Children and animals are thought to be the most vulnerable as well as situations such as child birth that can cause vulnerability.


A jinx is basically a curse in the form of a person, or possession that can bring misfortune and dangers. A jinx is also thought to be formed when you speak of something with excessive confidence and over anticipation. A jinx is the most accepted form of the curses.

Therefore it is always advisable that you get a protection shield from these negative energies.

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