The Time between Spell Casting and Manifestation

Waiting for a spell to complete can be an excruciating ordeal. You’ve done the work (or had someone else do it for you), and things don’t happen as quickly as you might like them to happen. You start to worry about what’s going on; is the spell going to work? No matter what your spell entails or who cast it, there are ways to fill up the time between the casting and the manifestation.

Become an optimist

An important factor in successful spellcasting is believing that it will work out as intended. Positive thoughts have an incredible power over reality, so make sure that whatever feelings come up during this process are ones filled with hope and faith rather than fear or doubt. Visualize how things will turn out once the spell has been completed successfully – even though these results may be unknown at first – trust they will become apparent soon enough. Additionally, also consider any potential consequences of the spell’s success or failure, and be sure to act accordingly if things don’t go as planned. Taking responsibility for your actions is key in all kinds of magical endeavors!

Positive thinking can be a powerful force when it comes to manifesting your dreams and desires. By focusing on the good, we are able to create more of what we want in our lives. This is especially true when it comes to casting spells; if you think positively about the outcome of any spell you cast, then you increase the chances of success exponentially.

From the moment you decide to do magic, you need to believe in it. You need to believe the spell you chose is going to work and that it’s going to work in the best way possible for all involved. You need to remember that magic is possible and that spells do work. But when you’re a few days out from the casting, the doubts can creep in. To help fend off those doubts, you can:

  • Write a positive affirmation and carry it with you – Try “I believe in magic.” Read the note whenever you begin to doubt something is happening.
  • Be with positive people – If you normally spend time with negative people, you need to change your habits. Be with people who can find the bright side of life.
  • Challenge negative thoughts – Even if you have negative thoughts (and everyone does), stop them and challenge them. Say them in a positive way so you can counteract that energy.

Close your eyes and visualize

Another way to pass the time after casting is to visualize the outcome of the spell. Stop and think about what your life will be like when the thing happens. Think about how it will feel to fall in love or to have the healing you need. Stop and close your eyes to see the outcome clearly in your mind. Who is there? What are you feeling? What time of day is it? Try to imagine as many details as possible, using all your senses.

Stop and allow the visualization to take up your entire consciousness. Let it be the same picture you come back to every time you start to waver in your belief about what’s possible. Try thinking about this picture when you’re about to go to sleep so it’s there in your dreams too.

Remember that time is relative.

While you might think a spell is taking forever to come to pass, remember that time is relative to energy and to the universe. The universe has been around for far longer than you have, so it has a unique perspective on what time is like. It has stretched across centuries and eons, and it knows that things take the time they take. Instead of worrying about how long things are taking, remind yourself that the timing is perfect. Every time you look at a clock, remind yourself that the universe knows the right time.

You may also want to keep your mind off the time that has passed since the spell was cast. Stop focusing on how long it has been and consider how much closer you are to receiving what you really want in the world. Each day is another day closer to the magic you invited into your life.

Practicing Mindfulness

Taking the time to practice mindfulness after a spell is cast is an important part of the spell-casting process. It allows you to honor the energies behind the spell and to open yourself up to its potential effects. Mindfulness helps you become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations and to observe them without judgment. By engaging in mindful practices, you can more easily stay grounded and centered and be open to the spell’s energies.

The first step to practicing mindfulness after a spell is cast is to become aware of your breath. Taking a few deep breaths and focusing on the sensation of the air entering your body and leaving it again is a great way to start. Being aware of your breath helps to bring you into the present moment, which is essential for being mindful.

The next step is to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. This can include noticing any physical sensations in the body, any emotions that arise, or any mental images that come to mind. Simply observe and let the thoughts, feelings, and sensations come and go without judgment or attachment.

After you have become aware of your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, you can take a few moments to think of the intention of the spell. This can be as simple as a word or phrase, such as “I am open to the energies of this spell.” Saying or thinking an intention helps to focus your energy on the spell and can help it manifest more quickly and powerfully.

Finally, you can take a few moments to express gratitude. Being grateful for the spell and for the energies behind it is a great way to show respect and honor the work you have done.

Practicing mindfulness after a spell is cast is an important part of the spell-casting process. Taking the time to become aware of your breath, thoughts, and feelings, to say an intention for the spell, and to express gratitude can help to open you up to its potential effects and can help the spell manifest more quickly and powerfully.

In Conclusion

In the space between the casting and the manifestation of a spell, you can do something to help. While the magic is already working, the more you can focus and the more you can believe in the right timing for everything, the more likely it is that you will see your magic unfold. Remember, everything happens when it’s meant to happen.

12 replies on “The Time between Spell Casting and Manifestation

  • Helen

    Hi, I recently ordered the reconciliation spell to return my lover and it started to work. He is now calling me and asking me out, but he has not moved in with me yet. Should I add another spell? How long should I wait before purchasing another spell? Is the spell still manifesting?

  • Patricia

    I have a question if you order a spell do you do it or me and if I do it does it involve me leaving things in the man’s house? I live in Kentucky and he lives in California so I could not do that. How do this work?

    • Wiccanbrew

      No, Patricia, there is nothing you need to leave at the man’s house. I will cast the spell for you and there is nothing you need to do except of thinking positive and allowing the magic to go through it’s motion.

  • Peagan

    I got return my lover spell and break-up spell back in September, not sure if it is working. I saw her at church, we talked for a little bit and I asked her about her Thanksgiving and she said it was okay. She told me she was going to Mexico for Christmas, that she always wanted to travel so she was finally going to do it. We walked outside together and continued to talk, hugged twice before she got in her truck. So I don’t know if they are working?

  • cieloc713

    Can you remove a curse first then cast a return love spell? Or can I order a karma cleansing spell first then cast a return love spell? I have a feeling that the guy I love is under a spell from somebody? Will this spell work if I ask for you to do either of this two?

  • AL1865

    Hi, I recently ordered two spells, is it too late to add another spell? Or should I wait till the the spells I have ordered at the moment, manifest and then have another spell cast?

    • Wiccanbrew

      You may add another spell at any time. It is especially helpful to add another spell if it will help the original spell. Let’s say you had a money spell cast, and you want to add a luck spell. Or, you had a return lost lover spell cast, and you want to add a break-up spell, obsession spell or faithfulness spell.


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