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Originating as an Indian practice in various spiritual traditions, the chakras have nearly become common vernacular in New Age settings. These energy centers are located across your body and each holds a different energy that can be accessed to support better health and well-being.

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Benefits of using Protection Spells

Whether you feel you’re in danger or you just want to protect yourself from the possibility of danger, you can use magic to help. Not only can magic aid in shielding you from the dangers of the world, but it can also help you keep your family and loved ones safe too. By putting shields up, using mirrors, and projecting positive energy, you can make sure your body and your spirit are well protected.

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Signs a love spell was cast on you

Love spells are used to help bring love into someone’s life, but what if you’re the person that’s the target of a spell? Would you be able to tell? Though love spells are safe and designed to work in alignment with the universe’s wisdom and knowledge, some people will cast spells to break up relationships and get what they want. Here are some of the signs that you might be the victim of a spell working.

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The Benefits of a Spiritual Cleansing

We spend a lot of time thinking about how clean our bodies are, but not nearly enough time thinking about how to clean our energetic bodies. All around us is energy that can get trapped in our auras and trapped in our spiritual selves, and without regular cleaning, you might just start to feel the effects of negative grime.

Why you need to clean your energetic field

There are several physical signs that can occur when you haven’t cleaning your spiritual field enough. You might begin to feel physically ill, with a foggy mind and an aching body, or you might begin to have a sore throat or some other mysterious ailment. You can feel run down and as though all the sleep in the world won’t help you feel rested.

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Wiccan Goddess

One of the beliefs that sets Wicca apart from other traditions and systems is its dual deity worship. Wicca looks to a Goddess and a God, and to be even more specific, The Goddess and The God or Lady and Lord. While they are not specifically named, there are always two and always one female and one male. Often, they are referred to as the Horned God and the Triple Goddess.

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Return a lover with a spell

When you’re destined to be with someone, nothing will keep you apart. Even if you’re separated due to circumstances or some other mistake, you can come back together again. If the universe knows you’re supposed to be partnered, then you can use a spell to bring back your ex. The universe will conspire to make sure you’re able to be in each other’s arms again, right where you belong.

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Signs of a Curse

You’ve felt something was wrong for a while now, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You thought you were crazy for considering that you might be cursed, but the more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense. There are many signs that point to the possibility of a curse or a hex or some dark spell being cast in your direction.

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5 Spells for Money

Making more money is always a good thing. When you’re in a dire financial situation, it’s essential. But when you can’t work more hours and you can’t make your bank account grow, what can you do? Spells are one way to start attracting more money into your life, allowing you to create a better checking account balance and a fresh start to your financial future.

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Wiccan Traditions

When trying to define Wicca, it can be easier to look at the different traditions and their beliefs. This can help to show the wide scope of practices and approaches, while also giving some sense of how society and its needs informed Wicca, as much as magic informed its practitioners. While this is not a complete listing of all the Wiccan traditions, it is a starting point for learning and finding one’s place in this wide group of witches.

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The difference between karmic, soulmate, and twin-flame relationships

When you start to explore the differences between relationships, you might find there are a lot of buzzwords being used. And too often, they’re used interchangeably, making it difficult to determine what someone means when they’re talking about karmic relationships or soulmates or twin flames. To help clear things up, here are the basic differences between each of these types of relationships – and you might just gain a new name for the partnership you’re currently in (or want to be in!).

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