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Egyptian Witchcraft Spells

Witchcraft and love spells played a prominent role within Egyptian society, and we should count our blessings that many of the original texts concerning Egyptian magic have managed to withstand the test of time and have not been lost to the elements or worse yet, destroyed outright.

The History of Egyptian Witchcraft

Indeed, Egyptian witchcraft was treated in much the same way that prescription medication and pharmacies are in our modern society in that an Egyptian who had a problem of some sort would visit the local spell caster and then receive a suitable magical solution to their problems.

For instance, in the event that a person had a disagreement with another person, whether it be due to the fact that they had been a victim of a crime, where there was some sort of dispute between the parties, or where the abuser was corrupt and exploiting their power for personal gain, then a clay or wax statue of the enemy would be broken.

This clay figurine ritual played a key role in Egyptian magic as it served as the basis upon which many other types of spells including love spells were also performed.

The Love Spells of Ancient Egypt

Aphrodisiacs and cures for impotence where typically treated in the same manner as mainstream love spells: typically all that was required from the customer was for them to drink a special concoction which had been ritualistically prepared and blessed by the spell caster.

Because Ancient Egypt was a polytheistic society, this meant that it featured a number of different gods and deities, and whilst there was a hierarchy which determined their respective power and influence, this did not stop the gods from fighting and bickering with one another. Set, the god of destruction and death was a prominent figure called upon during the spell casting that was designed to cause pain and suffering.

Egyptian witchcraft was not the exclusive domain of the living for a great deal of lavish attention was accorded to those who had passed away. Bodies would be embalmed and then wrapped in bandages, in order to keep the body as pure as possible for its trip into the underworld.

A number of trinkets and items, both valuable in monetary and sentimental terms, would be included within the tomb of the deceased.

These were then blessed in order to ensure that they would actually aid the deceased person and allow them to bribe the evil spirits that would undoubtedly attempt to harm them during their tenure in the afterlife.

Myths and Misconceptions

A common misconception about Egyptian magic was that it solely for the domain of the social elite, and the moneyed classes. However, magical amulets also played a prominent role in Egyptian magic and were used for a wide variety of different issues such as the warding off of evil spirits, to aid with fertility and the conception of a child, along with the immunization from disease.

Love spells in Egyptian times had a somewhat bitter twist to them: people who were unfaithful would find that they would suffer a cruel fate.

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