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Understanding Santeria Spells

Whilst witchcraft and spell casting as a whole is something of a delicate and touchy subject for many people, both the practitioners involved in it and the outsiders who simply do not understand the significance or indeed purpose of it, Santeria spells are especially frowned upon. The reason for this is due to a very small, but ultimately very high profile cases in the media where people have been injured or animals slaughtered in order to perform the rituals required.

Working with Santeria Love Spells

Santeria spells and the order itself has been referred to a number of cop dramas, usually always in an extremely prejudicial manner with plenty of the more sensational and lurid details of the spells exhibited with no context or explanation as to their significance whatsoever. It is little wonder then that many people are worried about Santeria as a whole, let alone Santeria spells that seem to focus upon drawing in the power of love.

After all, muses the outsider who knows nothing of what it is they are so blithely condemning and belittling, spells seem to be focused on the occult, black magic, hurting people and killing animals. How can such a nasty religion have anything to do with love?

For the record, there are plenty of Santeria spells designed to aid love, whether it is the finding of love, the perfect partner, protecting a loved one from harm… you name it.

Free Santeria Spell you can perform yourself

The following is one of the most commonly used and popular of all Santeria spells and the reason for this is that it is has a gentle learning curve meaning that just about anyone can learn it in a short period of time and better yet, be able to do so without too much hassle. Furthermore, unlike some of the more complex and advanced Santeria rituals, this particular spell does not require copious amounts of relics for it to be performed.

Whilst this is the easiest of Santeria spells it must be performed on a Friday as this is the day attributed to Venus, the goddess of love.

In order for this spell to work, you will need to invoke the blessing of a specific deity, and the deity that is the most suitable for your purposes will depend entirely upon the reason as to why you are attempting to cast the spell. If you are seeking to find a soulmate, then Oshun who is responsible for passion and romance in our lives will be the one for you.

If you have had a falling out with a friend, and want to reconcile with them, then Elegba is the one for you.

Cut a heart out of some red paper, and place it on an altar. Place two pink candles between the paper and the ignite the candles, making sure to write on the red paper what it is you want from the deity you are calling upon to aid you. Please note that the deities will never respond to or aid in any Santeria spells that are designed to interfere with the free will of another person, or which will harm someone.


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