Speeding Up Your Spell Work: Increasing the Efficiency of Your Spell Work While Waiting for Results

While you might have the right spell or the right spell caster, a spell doesn’t work if the person casting or ordering it isn’t focusing on themselves as part of the spell too. Where your body and brain are will guide the spell just as much as any item you might pick up at a Wicca store. To make sure your spell work is effective, you need to turn inward to see if you’re doing all you can to support the magical being you are.

Treat your body well

Your body will not be able to support magic if you’re not taking care of it. From the time you spend sleeping to the food you add to your plate, the healthier you are, the healthier your magic will be. If you’re currently making choices that don’t support your well-being, it’s time to make a change. You can start by adding a few more glasses of water to your day or five minutes of walking outside. Take small steps to change what you eat, how much you move, and how well-rested you are. The smaller the steps, the easier they will be to implement and sustain.

And you also need to think about the amount of stress you have in your life. Are there ways to reduce the commitments you have? Are there conversations you need to have to reduce tension in relationships? What can you do to be more engaged and less frazzled in your workplace? While it’s nearly impossible to lead a stress-free life, cutting back on stress will help you in your spell work.

Stay Positive

Staying positive is one of the most important things you can do when trying to ensure your spell casting works out for the best — especially when waiting for results! Try not to focus too much on worrying or obsessing over whether or not something will work out; instead, stay focused on what it is that you want from your spells, and don’t let anything negative seep in that could potentially disrupt any progress being made by them.

Find the bright side of life

While it’s not possible to be happy 100% of the time, you can train your brain to focus on the positive aspects of life. Whenever something happens, try to find the bright side. For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic, you could try to explain why they needed to make that decision. You could be upset at them, OR you could offer the possibility that they were in a hurry because someone they love was in trouble.

In every moment, try to think positively. You can choose to find more positive phrases for your communication or simply find ways to be the one in the group that points out the good stuff in the world. Notice the beauty in the world around you, e.g., the baby who smiles at you, the falling leaves, the spider web, etc. When you start to focus on what’s positive, you’ll attract positive energy too.

Above all, know that you are a magical being and someone who can bring magic into your life. No matter how experienced you are (or not), you have the power to invite happiness and joy into your world. You are already a magical success story.

What You Can Do to Enhance the Spell’s Potency

One of the most important aspects of spellwork is proper preparation and execution. However, once the spell has been cast and you are left to wait for its results, there are still some things that can be done to enhance its potency. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you wait for your spell’s manifestation:

Visualize the desired outcome

Take a few moments each day to close your eyes and imagine the spell’s result as if it has already happened. Let your imagination fill in all the details and visualize it with intention and clarity. This can help to boost the effectiveness of your spell work.

Focus on gratitude

Spend some time reflecting on how grateful you are for what you have asked for, even before it has manifested. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can strengthen and empower your spell work with its energy.

Understand Divine Timing

Divine TimingAs hard as it may be not to become impatient, it’s important to remember that the Universe works in its own divine timing, which often differs from our own expectations or wishes. Don’t obsess over trying to speed up the process; instead, trust that you will receive whatever outcome is best for you at just the right moment in time.

Stay Open Minded

Open MindWe may plan out how our spells should unfold, but don’t forget that there are sometimes unexpected surprises or news developments happening behind the scenes that we just can’t see clearly yet! Remain open-minded during this time so you can take advantage of opportunities if they arise unexpectedly.

Don’t Doubt Yourself

No doubtsOne key tip when enhancing your spell work after it was cast is to have faith in yourself and never doubt yourself or the power of your magical skills! Believe in yourself and trust that whatever you set out to do with magic will come to fruition — stay focused on what it is that you want out of casting a spell, and don’t give up until those desires are met (or at least worked towards).

Connect with nature

Connect with NaturConnecting with nature through walks in nature, gardening, or communing with animals is a powerful way to provide yourself and your spell work with loving energy and guidance from the Earth’s elements.

Speak affirmations over your spells

AffirmationsWrite down affirmations for your desired outcome, such as “My spell work will bring me abundance” or “My spells will manifest quickly and easily,” and speak them out loud each day, focusing on believing them as if they were already true.

Create a sacred space for focus

Sacred SpaceDedicate a special area of your home or office where you can come to meditate on your intention or write down wishes related to it while connecting to Source energy or Deity energy if you practice one type of faith path over another.

Utilize Tarot Cards and Crystals

Tarot CardsUse tarot cards or runes to gain further insight into the progress of your spell work, and use special crystals like citrine or tiger’s eye that help boost intention-setting power when paired with any rites of magical intent related to making wishes come true by amplifying their potency, drawing prosperity closer more quickly than expected.

Burn candles

Burn CandlesAn easy way to assist in sending out intentions into the Universe is by using candles of color associated with certain spiritual needs throughout certain times of year (i.e., white candles being linked with snow deities during winter) or specific magical working through Sabbats (candles of green/gold being popular during summer solstices).

Perform rituals

Perform RitualsIncorporate rituals that honor spirit guides, ancestors, archangels, fairy folk, etc., depending upon which energies resonate most strongly with you. They can be invoked through dance, invoking words spoken aloud, or simple prayerful meditations within circles made outdoor spaces under full moons. Remember, not every action needs a structured ritual as an accompaniment, so feel free to design something more interactive that reflects more deeply upon both your own connection with divine forces.

Listen closely and listen often

DreamsPay close attention to messages received while in a dream state, visions that appear when distant landscapes are being gazed upon, and intuition gathered from deep meditative states. Listen for messages coming from your spirit animal companions, as these forms of communication can offer insights as to how far you have progressed toward manifesting your spell work. Make sure to note down any such information to ensure the best outcome.


PerseveranceRemember to keep the faith! Continue putting your effort in, no matter how obscure the results may seem at the moment. Don’t let your efforts go to waste – success might be just around the corner, and it could be closer than you think. Persevere, and don’t let discouragement take hold of you.

Take Actionable Steps

Sitting around waiting doesn’t get us anywhere, so try incorporating some actionable steps into your daily rituals, which will help bring about a desired result more quickly and effectively than just sitting around hoping for it! Reaching out for help from friends, colleagues, or even professionals who could offer their expertise might prove helpful here as well (as long as it aligns within ethical boundaries).

Maximize your chances of achieving your desired outcomes by being proactive – stay focused and motivated while working with spells. Keep in mind that no magical process happens overnight, and success requires patience combined with consistent effort. Visualize and remain mindful of the goal, and take advantage of the resources available to you whenever possible. Use tried-and-tested techniques like performing ritual work or writing down your intentions in a journal to create more effective spells and work towards faster results.

Are there any techniques you are using to help your spells work more effectively?