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What is White Magic and does it really work

White magic spells have been used for centuries for various purposes including love, money, protection, fertility, and wellbeing. Casting these spells will only bring peace and harmony to those concerned. White magic is about creating positive energies from within us and releasing it to the universe to receive a positive outcome for any situation we desire. To make it easier for my clients I have put together many articles to explain what magic is, what it does and how it works. Please read my Blog for more details.

Which spell is best for my situation?

It all depends on your situation. However the Triple Cast Spells are highly beneficial for any situation. If the Triple Cast spells are above your budget go with the Standard Spell. If you have a difficult situation at hand that needs the most powerful energies to be resolved then I highly recommend the Power Cast Potency Level. It is capable of resolving extremely difficult situations and can produce stronger and faster results. However, all my spells are extremely potent and produce powerful and swift results. Click here for a full and detailed description of the spell casting potency levels.

Which information do you need to cast a spell on my behalf?

I will need your first name, last name, your date of birth and a picture of you. For love spells I will need your lover's first name, last name, date of birth and a picture (if you have one). For spells that include another person I will also need their names, date of birth and pictures. You will be submitting all the information through the Case Information Form after you have completed your purchase.

How do I order a spell?

Please select the spell you would like to order and follow the checkout process on my website. Once you have submitted your order you will need to fill out the Case Information Form or email me the necessary information that are needed to cast the spell on your behalf. Please read the order instructions for more details as it explains in detail how I work, what I will need from you, and what you will have to do.

How do I know when my spell will be cast?

Once you have placed an order you will receive an order confirmation from me right away. If you do not receive it please check your spam folder and add my email address to your white list. I will need 1-3 business days to prepare your spell work. I will then email you and will provide all the necessary information. When working with me you will know when your spell starts and when it will be completed. Remember, I am only an email away if you have additional questions.

Can I order multiple spells at the same time?

Yes you may, they do not conflict or alter each other but will work simultaneously.

How long will it take for my spell to work?

It depends on your situation, your wishes as well as the spell casting potency level, that you have ordered. Unfortunately magic works different for different people. Some clients receive results within days, others within a couple of weeks or months. A rule of thumb is that the stronger (higher potency level) a spell has the faster results will materialize. At any rate, you will need to give your spell its full 6 months.

Also keep in mind that negative thinking and obsessing over results will often delay the manifestation of the spell, so please make sure that you keep your thoughts positive and optimistic! Click here for my article on the importance of positive thinking.

When will you cast my spell?

As soon as I have received your order and the requested information I will get started right away. Please know that I take great pride in what I do and that it is important to me that you will get what you wish for in the fastest way possible. Therefore it has to be done right. I will analyze your problem and wishes and will then select and bless all the ingredients that best fit your case. It will normally take 1 to 3 business days to complete this process. Your spell will be cast right after this process has been completed. I will then email you with a completion date which is normally the next morning. All my spells are cast at night and completed in the early morning hours. Power Cast Spells have the highest priority.

Do your spells really work? Can they solve any problem?

All my spells are extremely potent and are capable of producing powerful and fast results.

Spells can help in all sorts of situations and offer solutions for a wide variety of problems. They can strengthen your will power, protect you from negative energy, call love into your life, and much more. Click here for all my spells.

At any rate, they are not miracle fixes and they are no substitute for you to take care of yourself. Spells are not working to diagnose, treat or heal any medical issues, financial issues, legal issues, dangerous or life-threatening situations you may find yourself in. Always seek the help of qualified professionals to those issues.

I don’t have a credit card, how can I order your spells?

At this time I only accept Paypal, you may use a credit card or bank account to pay for your order. I do not offer any other payment options. I do NOT accept Western Union or Moneygram.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me via email through my website, or write to me at the email address that was provided to you.

Why should I use your services?

If you are looking to permanently solve your problems and situation I am the right spell caster for you.

Do you guarantee results?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in any spiritual matters. However, I offer a satisfaction guarantee because I want you to be extremely happy with my services and get all that you have wished for. Click here for my Satisfaction Guarantee

Is your magic dangerous?

Not at all, My spirits do not harm anyone and will never cause any negative side effects or bad karma.

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