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What is Karma? An Introduction

Have you ever wondered what the true meaning of the term Karma means? Probably you have come across the word and never bothered to probe deeper. Karma is among the crucial Buddhism concepts. Its roots can be traced back within the Indian culture and traditions. Its true meaning is based on the rewards of evil and good behaviors and thoughts.

This is to say that positive actions and thoughts are rewarded accordingly. Bad thoughts and habits are rewarded in the same way. If you probe deeper into Karma concept, you will realize the following:

First, a good or bad action can be returned to you in this life or the next one. What everyone considers bad Karma on someone else may actually be a masked blessing.

Karma is therefore a more complex concept than many of us think of it. Sometimes our behaviors and thoughts are influenced by changing lifestyles.

Could we still receive our share of good or bad Karma?

Knowing your Karma

According to reliable facts, Karma is based on a person’s mind. This is to say that good or bad thoughts and actions emerge from the mind.  Before you can perform a good action, your intentions are generated in your mind.

The remainders of your intents are trapped in the mind. This is considered good Karma. The same thing goes for any evil actions and thoughts. Your evil intentions will become imprints in your mind. These are called unwholesome deeds in Buddhism faith.

How does your Karma affect you?

Your Karma will affect your life in two ways. If you constantly perform good deeds, the same will follow you. To be specific kindness, compassion, and love among other traits will be imprinted in your mind.

If you are inhuman and do not care about hurting others, your bad intents remain in you. In other words your mind will be conditioned in a particular manner. Not unless you change, your Karma will affect you in a second way.

This can be described by all your irrational actions and thoughts. They may include irritation, rudeness, anger and so on. A person may even become depressed and hopeless. However, he or she can change the bad Karma. The most effective way of doing so is through a professional Karma Cleansing.

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