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The Importance of Positive Thinking

When I am asked by my clients and customers what is the most crucial and important thing they can do after a spell was cast on their behalf, I will invariably provide the same answer: “positive thinking, and a good mental attitude are essential to the ultimate success of spells.”

This answer, as accurate and frank as it is always seems to elicit a somewhat disappointed reaction from the person who posed the question, perhaps because the questioner assumed that in order for the spell to work they need to purchase some exotic and outlandish item like crushed unicorn horn.

Improving the Success of your Spells

Even to many practitioners, who are highly adept and skilled at casting spells, are somewhat bemused by the very idea that positive thinking is somehow integral to the ultimate success of spells working. It just can’t be that easy…can it?

Let us actually consider the issue of positive thinking in the specific context of casting spells a little more deeply, and with a more critical eye. When positive thinking is applied to the casting of spells, this means that the person who is attempting to cast the spells has faith in their abilities, has faith that magic will work, and has faith that the spells that they are casting will work.

If you were perhaps a little concerned (or irritated) by the fact that I saw fit to repeat the same word several times in the last paragraph then there is no need to worry (or get upset). I am simply trying to highlight the issue, and open your mind: positive thinking generates belief and faith.

The Potent Force of Faith

Faith is one of the most potent forces in our world. If we can move away from spells and magic for a moment, let us consider faith in different contexts. What about the Catholic Church, and their requirement from their followers that the ritual of Holy Communion, when the bread and wine turns into the body and blood of Christ? If a non-Catholic was to attempt this, then the bread and wine would remain static, because they are not infused with the power of faith.

However, when an ordained priest then does this, according to their religion, it is their faith that manages to cause the bread and wine to be elevated.

Never Underestimate the Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has been described as one of the most important resources when it comes to a person healing from a major surgical procedure. Don’t believe me? Check out any medical journal, or article and you will see it in black and white: positive thinking really counts for something.

Therein lies the magic and beauty of spells: because they allow us to carry out a ritual of sorts, this means that we can then externalize our problems and surrender it to something else. Combine this with positive thinking and you have the witchcraft version of cleaning a wound and then stitching it up in order for it to heal.

So, does positive thinking really help with spells? You bet your bottom dollar it does.

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