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Signs of a Spell Working

No matter what the point of a spell might be, it’s hard to keep your mind off it once it’s been cast. You might wonder if you made the right choice, if it’s going to work, and if it’s going to work NOW. The time between the casting of a spell and its eventual completion can seem long when you’re waiting around for something important to happen. But there are ways to find out if the spell is working, signs that you can seek out to help make the wait a little easier.

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Wiccan Holidays

Throughout the course of the year, Wiccans will celebrate holidays to mark the passage of time and the cycle of the seasons. In most traditions, this Wheel of the Year, as it is called, will begin on Samhain or October 31. Here is a summary of what happens at each of these holidays and what magic might be worked during these times.

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The Time between Spell Casting and Manifestation

Waiting for a spell to complete can be an excruciating ordeal. You’ve done the work (or had someone else do it for you), and things don’t happen as quickly as you might like them to happen. You start to worry about what’s going on; is the spell going to work? No matter what your spell entails, or who cast it, there are ways to fill up the time between the casting and the manifestation.

Become an optimist

From the moment you decide to do magic, you need to believe in it. You need to believe the spell you chose is going to work and that it’s going to work in the best way possible for all involved. You need to remember that magic is possible and that spells do work. But when you’re a few days out from the casting, the doubts can creep in. To help fend off those doubts, you can:

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How to Make Magic Work

When you see something about spells, you are intrigued and curious. Yet you might also be questioning whether spells really work and if magic is real. Though you may have heard that magic is real and that you just must believe in it, it takes some time to get that thought and that belief to settle into your brain. Here are some tips to make your magical spell work.

How to make magic work

A spell begins with a clear understanding of what you want to do and what your intention is for the working. You need to get quiet with yourself and think about what you most desire. It can help to write down the things you want from this spell and then think about the emotions that are attached to the desires.

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What is Wicca

While Wicca is not the oldest religion, it certainly has been inspired by ancient pagan practices and hermetic teachings. With rituals and spell work, this religious movement has its beginnings in the 1950s and has grown substantially over the last few decades. With no main authority or leader, Wicca has been a practice of many interpretations and unique groups, though with some similar practices.

Where does Wicca come from?

Though this is hotly debated in Wiccan circles, and in Witchcraft, Wicca is said to have been started by Gerald Gardner, a retired British civil servant. He outlined a series of rituals and practices that others could perform to celebrate holidays, rites of passage, and other turning points in the year. Along with Doreen Valiente, they developed a core structure for Wicca, one that is still followed to this day.

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Spell casting can be a fascinating and exhilarating experience. Most people have images of witches standing next to a pot stirring something and whispering ancient words. However, the route to eternal happiness through spell casting is not as complicated as that.

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Magic spells have been practiced for centuries and are still used today by many different cultures, groups, and organizations. While many practitioners practice magic for good intentions there are some who derive pleasure in using it to cause harm, which is why magic spells are separated into either white or black. For many others, magic cannot be associated with any color. For the most part, people consider magic with good intentions as ‘white magic’ and magic spells conducted with harmful intent as ‘black magic’.

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Magic love spells when performed correctly and cast the right way often lead to great success. There are specific rituals for many different situations, like returning a lost lover, fix a broken relationship, call a true love into your life or the removal of relationship problems. However, the ultimate goal is always to draw love towards you. For love spells to work there are a combination of factors that work together to result in a successful spell.

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White is the symbol of purity and peace and the power of love knows no bounds. Combine these two with white magic and you have a potent combination to spread love all around. Love spells are for real as long as they are cast with the best of intentions.

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Magic has been around for centuries. Our ancestors have used magic for varied reasons. Magic has no color but the evil intentions of casting spells for vested interests led to the term ‘black magic’ being used by those performing evil deeds, and ‘white magic’ for spells cast for only good intentions.

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