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Visualizing on Where your Spell’s Energy will go

Visualizing on Where your Spell’s Energy will go

Your mind is one of the most important tools you have when casting a spell. Without a clear mind and a focused mind, your intention will not be clear to the universe. To help settle down a mind that is filled with chatter or anxiety, it can help to practice visualization. Not only will this train your mind to be more effective at focusing, but it will also help you bring more energy to the spells you are working or the spells you are having cast for you. When your brain can clearly see the outcome, the spell will work even more effectively.

Test your memory

If you’re new to visualization, you need to start off with smaller tasks. One way to turn on your visualization powers is to find a picture you really like, one with a lot of details. Spend time every day looking at the picture, trying to take in as many details as you can. When you feel you have looked at everything, stop and close your eyes. Try to visualize every detail in the picture, even saying them out loud to help you test your memory. Open your eyes and see what you missed.

As you begin to remember all the details in the picture, you can try a new picture and see if you can remember the details more easily. Keep trying this visualization exercise to help your brain not only focus, but also help your brain notice more details in everyday situations.

Conjure up an object

The next step is to find an object that you know well (e.g. a shoe you wear every day) and then try to picture this item in your head without touching it or looking at it. Close your eyes, let all the mind chatter fall away and see if you can clearly feel, touch, and see the shoe in your mind. How is it put together? Are the soles dirty or clean? What does it feel like when you’re stepping in the shoe? What does the inside of the shoe smell like?

Then move onto another item. Think about a lollipop or a book. Try to still your mind enough to see the details of each page or of each color. Think about how this item feels and looks and shines when the sun is out. Try to find at least one item each day to focus your attention on and then see how much easier it is to experience the item in your mind.

Find symbols for your magic

As you strengthen your mind, you can also start to turn up your energy for spell work. What you might want to do is to figure out what you want your spell work to focus on. Let’s use the example of healing. If you want to heal something in your body, stop and think about what it would feel like to be well and whole. What are some of the emotions or images that come to mind when you think of healing? Some might think of water or sounds of the ocean. Others might think of white sheets or soothing music. Collect any of the things that resonate with you about healing and then meditate by closing your eyes and just settling your thoughts.

You can practice this same exercise with other types of spells, e.g. love, wealth, etc. Think about what makes you feel successful in the spell, then surround yourself with the items and other triggers for the magic. Let yourself be immersed in these meditations so you can learn what works best for you. And even if you don’t have items around you, you can conjure them up in your brain to aid in your magical workings.

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