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Signs you are cursed

Signs of a Curse

You’ve felt something was wrong for a while now, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. You thought you were crazy for considering that you might be cursed, but the more you think about it, the more it starts to make sense. There are many signs that point to the possibility of a curse or a hex or some dark spell being cast in your direction.

What to look for

When you think you might be cursed, it can help to take inventory of how you feel and whether these symptoms are out of the ordinary for you. Even if you think you can explain them off, the more signs you see, the more you may want to consider some additional spiritual help.

Some of the most common signs include:

Aches and pains

When you can’t explain some pains in your body, it could be a sign of negative spell work starting to stick between your bones and muscles.

Bad luck

And if you just notice you have bad luck more than you ever did before, this might be a sign you’ve been cursed.

Dark omens

As you walk around the world, you may notice things that seem to be hinting at someone dark in your future. And these signs seem to be everywhere, nearly every day.

Financial problems

Suddenly, there are bills you didn’t expect or you might lose your job for no apparent reason.


If you’re seeing things out of the corner of your eye, or you clearly see things that aren’t there, your mind might be under the influence of magic.

Health problems

If you notice your health is suddenly diminished or you’re getting sick more often, you might be the victim of a curse.


If you’ve never had troubles sleeping in the past, insomnia might become a problem when you’ve been cursed.

Legal issues

Some people notice they suddenly have legal issues when they’ve never been in trouble in their entire lives.

Loss of energy

No matter how much you sleep and take care of yourself, you can’t seem to get your energy back to its previous levels.


Every night you go to sleep and dream of horrific things, maybe even a death in your family or the loss of your relationship.

Relationship troubles

While your relationship has been fine for some time, you might start to notice you’re fighting more or you’re considering breaking up.

What can you do about a curse?

You might just need a curse removal spell and a protection spell to help you get your life back. While you may be able to cleanse your aura or you might be able to do magic to attract positive energy to you, it might also be necessary to look for something stronger. You may want to hire me to remove the curse from you and then put a protection spell on you to ensure this sort of thing doesn’t happen again.

What’s important to remember

Though it might not seem like a curse is doing long-term harm, the more time it settles in your body, the more damage it can cause. It’s in your best interest to remove the curse as quickly as you can and as safely as you can. Work with someone who has removed curses before and who can help you get your life back.

While it might be scary to think of someone putting a curse on you, it’s even scarier to think of the curse staying in your body for any longer. Get rid of the curse now, take back your life and take back your health.

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