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The Power of Voodoo Spells

The mere mention of the word Voodoo is guaranteed to elicit a fairly negative and hostile response from people, even from people from Haiti, which is often regarded as the birthplace of Voodoo.  Sadly, it has been lambasted in the media as a black magic practice, and one that actively seeks to hurt people.  The phenomena of evil zombies (whereby victims were drugged with certain plants that paralyzed them and made them pliant) along with the corrupt practices of the Haitian dictator, Papa Doc have done little to warm people to the idea of voodoo spells.

The Benefits of Voodoo Spells

Indeed, many people seem to also be under the mistaken impression that all rituals are designed to hurt and punish, for example, to punish a partner who has cheated on the spell caster with another woman. In actual fact, love spells and indeed, Voodoo itself is nowhere nearly as scary or occult as you may think, and the truth of the matter is that a great deal of the more lurid and grisly details of voodoo love spells are just exaggeration.

That said, love magic is very potent indeed, primarily because they rely upon the powers of the Loa, or the Vodun gods who are extremely powerful. Indeed, many Vodouists will caution clients about the potential perils of using love spells. One of the potential problems associated with love spells is that the voodoo may work… a little too well.

Put simply, whenever voodoo spells are cast and a person is specified as the target of it, this means that the soul of that person will then become magically bound to the person that the ritual was performed for.  As a result, the target of the voodoo ritual will endure a very intense infatuation with the spell seeker and so in the event that the spell seeker may tire of the target, they may find it very difficult to get rid of the other person.

Working with a Voodoo Practitioner

Therefore, as any Voodoo spell caster will caution you: only use love spells if you are genuinely in love with the person in question, and are not simply in lust with them.  Think about the significance of this. Spell casters, are actually urging their clients, whether actual or potential to be very careful about using love magic and relying upon their experience to cast these spells.

Therefore, it is plain to see that the typical Voodoo practitioner is putting the welfare and happiness of the client before their own desires. Does that sound like the sort of personality and conduct of a religion that is dedicated to causing pain, misery, suffering and anguish? Exactly.

Please be aware of this: voodoo spells are not toys, and so if you are intending to cast love spells to punish someone, or to extract some measure of revenge on them by making them fall in love with you and then you rejecting them, please do not. The consequences of such malice and cruelty will be duly punished in time.

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