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Magic Spells – How to Use Them

Magic spells have been practiced for centuries and are still used today by many different cultures, groups, and organizations. While many practitioners practice magic for good intentions there are some who derive pleasure in using it to cause harm, which is why magic spells are separated into either white or black. For many others, magic cannot be associated with any color. For the most part, people consider magic with good intentions as ‘white magic’ and magic spells conducted with harmful intent as ‘black magic’.

White Magic Spells

If you really want to benefit from magic spells, then you need to practice white magic, or let’s say, cast spells with the best of intentions and without harming the other person. This type of magic has infinite powers over any magic that is cast for evil. In fact, these spells have the power to prevent, protect, and even negate any curses from any other type of magic. In addition, white magic spells can be cast to bring luck in love, health, career, and finances as well

Love Spells

Love spells to bring back lost lovers, to rekindle an existing relationship or sex life, or to attract someone new are most popular and in demand today. Love spells can also be used to protect a marriage and prevent divorce or separation as long as both partners have no evil intentions. There are specific love spells that are cast in each type of situation.

Money Spells

Money spells can do much to bring back a sense of stability to a person’s financial situation.  Money spells won’t make you a filthy rich man or a business tycoon overnight. It will help you find ways to better your situation and draw money towards you through better money management.

Healing Spells

Healing spells help people deal with health related issues such as illness, pain, injury, and much more. These spells help people overcome their health problems physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Fertility or pregnancy spells

Those who have lost hope of becoming pregnant can use magic spells to bring back some hope of regaining their fertility. These spells can also be cast to protect any harm during pregnancy and child birth.

Evil eye protection

Jealousy knows no bounds, and there will always be someone casting an evil eye on you. These people carry negative energies which can cause harm. Casting protection spells can help counter these attacks.

Tarot Cards

Tarot card readings give you an insight into the possible solutions of your problems and help chart the right course of action you need to take. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, each containing a picture that is interpreted by a tarot card reader.


Runes are stones with symbols that are used to invoke the energy from nature that surrounds us. A rune spell is cast by drawing stones from a bag and interpreting their meanings.

Horoscopes, astrology, and black magic are also ways to cast magic spells. Spell casters usually choose one or a combination of methods in order to cast effective spells.

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