Karma Cleansing Spell


Have you done bad things in the past that have had a damaging effect to your karma? Are you seeing evidence of this bad karma start to manifest in your daily life? This cleansing spell can help and it can purge any effect your negative actions have had upon your karma.

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The Karma Cleansing is designed to cleanse your spiritual path and karma from any and all negative energies or blockages and will bring you peace, harmony and a trouble free existence. Only good karma will come to you and the bad will be completely blocked.

Use this spell to stop any spiral of negativity you may feel caught in. Let it bring you a positive state of mind and, as a result, nothing but positive experiences. If you have called bad karma upon yourself, this cleansing can erase its negative effect. No matter how damaged your karma, the ritual will give you a clean slate and the magical forces of this cleansing will give you a new start. If you have been living in a way that has brought you good karma, this spell will enhance the benefits you will receive.

Results are powerful and long lasting. The karma cleansing eliminates negativity without manipulation or interference with free will, giving you the trouble-free existence you deserve.

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