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Your aura is your personal energy field that surrounds you every day of your life. What you may not be aware of is that every day your aura is getting affected by positive and negative energies that can drain your energy or develop a more negative aura. When you begin understanding your aura, you will be able to distinguish when your aura has been negatively affected.

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A special radiant energy field encircles every living thing. This is called an aura. A good aura is considered clean and shining bright. In magic terms, clouds or shadows can stain your aura. This way your aura will lure evil and destructive energies. This is where the concept of aura cleansing becomes important. This form of cleansing is not done using water. It is a type of spiritual cure to get rid of damaged auras. It removes all negative energies disturbing you.

In order to protect your aura from these negative energies and emotions, you can take advantage of my Aura Cleansing to frequently cleanse your aura and remove the toxins that may be affecting it causing you to feel drained and have negative thinking patterns.

You must keep yourself centered. We cannot blame others for everything in our lives. In fact, we are the cause of some negative auras and negative energies. Although it is common that life stress and worries can affect us, we should keep ourselves from thinking negatively and succumbing to the energy-draining feelings that surround us.

Once my Aura Cleansing has been completed, your aura will remain protected from the influences that can negatively interact with your aura. In addition, you are able to maintain your positive, energy-filled aura that attracts positive things, people and emotions into your life.

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