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What is a White Magic Ritual?

Apr 9, 2016


Since its inception, white magic has always been a very personal experience. It is important to understand the concept behind white magic and how it works.  To begin with, you need to realize the white magic and spell casting is all about good, helpful, positive, and harmless magic.

A person who wishes to cast a spell must learn to apply the techniques in order to practice white magic successfully. As long as you have the will and desire combined with honesty and determination, your spell ought to be successful. Minus any positive energy, a spell will never work.

How a White Magic Ritual is performed

A white magic ritual involves the use of tools, symbols, and specific chants, in some cases. Every ritual is a set of exercises that are conducted when casting a spell. Through the ritual it is possible to restore personal power. It also helps develop a working relationship with the natural forces and higher powers. The chanting results in a flow of pure energy which is transmitted through strong vibrations that are created during the white magic ritual.

The Importance of Meditation

The first thing to learn in white magic is to meditate. This helps create powerful vibrations and help you release the energy within you. Through meditation, you will be able to concentrate on your problem, the solution, and the probable course of action you need to take in order to improve the situation. Even when you have me cast a spell on your behalf it is always helpful if you assist the ritual through meditation. To begin with, you can learn to practice simple rituals like burning a candle to nourish your spirit and help you learn to think positive. Light a candle and place your hands over and around it. Focus your attention on the candle and flame and repeat your wishes and goals. Leave the candle burning for at least 10 minutes, after which you can blow out the flame. Spend a few minutes in the area, and you will soon feel a more harmonious and peaceful mood fall upon you.

Cleansing your Mind, Body and Spirit

To cleanse the mind, body, and spirit of any residual negativity you can use a white magic self cleansing ritual. This is a good ritual if you have been the target of anyone’s evil intentions with black magic or otherwise. Candles and essential oils like lavender and honeysuckle are usually used during these rituals and I am offering this ritual free of charge on my website. If you are in need of a stronger spell then there are different types of white magic rituals on my website, depending on the issue you need to deal with.

Initially, it is advisable to request a white magic practitioner to cast spells for you. With each spell you will learn to be in tune with your inner powers and energy that you can release and achieve success. White magic is the most potent form of magic for good purposes. Besides, they also help protect against evil eyes and counter the effects of any spell that may be cast to cause you any harm.

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