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Are you going away on vacation and want your home to be safe? Did you just move to a new apartment or house and want to make sure that only positive energy thrives there? Use this Home Protection Spell and you will be protected.

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We spend hours cleaning our house to keep it looking nice. We decorate it to suit and reflect our tastes and who we are. We install locks and bolts to keep our belongings safe. It is the one place where we should feel safe and secure. Our house or home is the place where we can enjoy being ourselves, away from the pressures of the world outside. But sometimes, things can occur that spoil our enjoyment of our house.

If you have ever felt a presence in your house, then the house blessing and protections spell will help you. It has the power to dispel and eradicate all evil and harmful spirits from you house, and dispel all negative energies.

If you are moving into a new house or apartment, or other living space then you can protect it by using the house blessing and protection spell. This spell will dispel all negative energies, as well as protecting against evil, unsavory or harmful spiritual matter, and envious negative energies. It will enable positive energy to come into your home, and release all manner of good blessings upon it. You and your family will feel safe and secure and you will be free to enjoy your home, safe in the knowledge that no evil or harm can penetrate the magical powers of this strong spell.

This spell is to be used to bless and protect a new apartment or home. It will protect your living space from all sorts of evil, spiritual matter and envious negative energy.

While you are away, this ritual will protect your home from fire, flood, natural disasters, break-ins and demolition.

It is designed for permanent, general protection for your home against any harm and is cast to prevent anything or anyone from harming your home.

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