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Who are the Wiccan Horned God and the Triple Goddess?

Wiccan Goddess

One of the beliefs that sets Wicca apart from other traditions and systems is its dual deity worship. Wicca looks to a Goddess and a God, and to be even more specific, The Goddess and The God or Lady and Lord. While they are not specifically named, there are always two and always one female and one male. Often, they are referred to as the Horned God and the Triple Goddess.

The Horned God

The Horned God is the most common title/name for the God in Wicca. What you might want to remember is that while these broader titles are shared with the public, individual covens might choose to worship more specific gods, e.g. Thor, Zeus, Osiris, etc. The Horned God is often shown with large horns like a stag or goat or ram on top of his head. Because of these horns, some might associate the Horned God with the devil, but Wicca does not include a devil (only Christianity does), so this is not the same being.

In some representations, the Horned God will have hooves and other animal characteristics, in addition to being a man. This god is the one that represented the primal nature of man and his connection to the wild. He is the one who hunts and he is the one who uses his intuition to sustain himself. He is virile and aggressive, the one who can take away life and the one who can give life through the outcomes of a hunt.

The Triple Goddess

While not everyone agrees with the idea of a Triple Goddess, it is a common way to look at the Goddess and her many forms. In her three aspects, she can be the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. These different phases of life are akin to the way that nature changes during the year, with the Maiden being the springtime, the mother being of birthing and mothering and the crone being of death and rebirth.

The Maiden emerges in fertility rites as the (sometimes) virginal beauty who is associated with new beginnings, new moons, and flowering.

The Mother holds more knowledge and she protects those around her. She often gives more of herself than others might. She is focused on building a family unit and nurturing those around her.

The Crone is the one who holds the wisdom of time. She is the one who is strong and practical, while also being able to look at the dark side of life to see it for what it really is. She is the one who watches over transformations, including death and rebirth.

Wicca and deities

Not all goddesses have three aspects and not all gods are gods of the hunt. When moving into the practice of Wicca, it can help to learn as much as you can about as many deities as you can. In doing so, you will begin to understand their unique stories and qualities, while also seeing who resonates most with you. You might find you want to work with Greek deities or that you want to work with Egyptian deities. Or you might want to stick with the Lord and the Lady until you figure out what calls to your heart.

As you move through the Wheel of the Year in Wicca, think about how the cycles of the year impact the God and the Goddess. You can watch them start as being the dead and move into being ready to be reborn in the light to being a part of births and planting. Find them in the way the light moves across the land and the sky.

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