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The Threefold Law

One of the most common questions I receive is about the Threefold Law. Wiccan faith followers practice the Law of Threefold. It has an interesting meaning. When you cast a spell with a negative motive that energy is returned to you with three times intensity. If you cast a positive magic spell, this energy comes back to you three times stronger. The Law of Threefold helps spell casters contemplate before performing any rituals.

Please know that I cast all my spells with the Threefold law in mind and would never endanger my clients, their loved ones or myself.

What is the Threefold law?

This law is stated in the Wiccan Rede, a code of ethics for Wiccan believers. The Rede consists of varying content. The same case applies to the understanding different Wiccans have about the Wiccan Rede.  Some Wiccan believers refute the Law of Threefold. They cite reasons such as it not being original. For instance, they believe other traditions such as Karma feature the same codes.

And this is rather true. If you examine Karma closely you realize that its basis is the reward of bad and evil. This is to say that good is returned with good. A bad deed is returned with evil. This compares with the Law of Threefold. The only difference is that Karma does not set a measure of strength of the returned energies.

Also according this Wicca belief, a bad or good deed will be returned in the right time. Additionally, a good or bad deed must not be rewarded with the same deed. A person can be rewarded differently in a way they never thought of. The same case applies to evil deeds.

Furthermore, Threefold Law does not dwell on a specific good or bad act. Once a person invites negative energies, bad will follow them. If he or she lures positive energy then good will follow. The point is, for this law to apply a person must have a string of bad or good deeds.

And when are the deeds returned? The Law of Threefold only states that any deed will be redirected to you three times stronger. It does state the exact time when it happens. However, this negative or positive energy will return to you at some point. This means one can still be in this life or the next. It will make you smile or disappoint you. Just make sure you harm no one with your actions, including spell casting.

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