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Signs of a Spell Working

Signs of a Spell Working

No matter what the point of a spell might be, it’s hard to keep your mind off it once it’s been cast. You might wonder if you made the right choice, if it’s going to work, and if it’s going to work NOW. The time between the casting of a spell and its eventual completion can seem long when you’re waiting around for something important to happen. But there are ways to find out if the spell is working, signs that you can seek out to help make the wait a little easier.

Look to the moon and your dreams

All around us are signs in nature, signs we don’t typically notice until we really open our eyes to see. For example, you might want to look at the moon when the spell has started to see what phase it is in. If it’s in a growing phase, this might mean the spell is growing and might be ready when the moon is full. If the moon is shrinking, you may want to think about what you need to reduce in your life to support the spell.

You can also ask your dreams to help you in seeing if the spell is working for you or not. Before you go to bed each night, tell yourself that you will dream about the spell’s progress. Keep a journal and pen near your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Look at what you have written over the course of a week (or more) to see if there are any symbols that can answer your question.

Notice new interactions

As you move in the world after you started a spell, try to notice who you run into and who gets your attention. Are you seeing people you’ve never seen before? Are you running into people you used to know, but fell out of contact with? Take some time to see what sorts of people are around you as you move in the world. For example, if you did a spell to increase your chances of getting pregnant, are you seeing more pregnant women and children? Or if you did a spell for love, are you seeing more couples or have you run into an old flame?

Stop to think about the phone calls you’ve had and who has talked to you that hadn’t talked to you before. The more you can open to think about the signs around you, the more information you can collect about the progress of the spell.

Open to messages

In addition, it can help to be open to messages in everything you see and do. Instead of looking at your phone or computer all the time, stop and look up at the signs at stores or pictures along the walls. Stop to see what is showing up in the world around you and open your mind to consider whether these words and images are trying to tell you something about your spell. Are the images positive? Are they negative? Are they in motion? Are they still?

And keep in mind the messages you get may not be ones that help you understand what is happening at all. You might just get messages that things are happening, but it will not be clear if that’s good or bad. Or you might get a sign one day that contradicts a sign that you get the next day.

No matter what you see or hear or notice, remember that spells have their own timeline and their own way. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to not ‘peek’ into the future, but rather trust in what’s to come.

Have you received signs? How did you experience them?

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