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The difference between karmic, soulmate, and twin-flame relationships

The difference between karmic, soulmate, and twin-flame relationships

When you start to explore the differences between relationships, you might find there are a lot of buzzwords being used. And too often, they’re used interchangeably, making it difficult to determine what someone means when they’re talking about karmic relationships or soulmates or twin flames. To help clear things up, here are the basic differences between each of these types of relationships – and you might just gain a new name for the partnership you’re currently in (or want to be in!).

Karmic relationships

You may have already met someone in your life who can meet the guidelines of a karmic relationship. This is a person who may not be your favorite person, but they are someone who teaches you something every time you meet. True, you might get upset with them, or you might wonder why they’re making your hackles go up, but it’s the karmic energy that’s guiding the way.

In this case, the person is connected to your karmically and is put on the earth to teach you a lesson that you haven’t learned in past lives. Though you might not believe in past lives, there are certainly energies we carry forward from other generations. The universe wants you to resolve those energies, so they send you someone who is going to test you and/or teach you. Then, it’s up to you to decide whether you are going to take in the lesson or if you’re going to let the person be an annoyance in your life instead of an inspiration.

Soulmate relationships

Most of us are clear on what a soulmate is. This is the person who is the perfect person for us, the one who gets us and who knows us before we even have a relationship. They are the ones who love us for all that we are, and they are the ones who are going to stay by our side, no matter what we do. These are the people we tend to date and marry, and the ones who we will love for the entirety of our lives.

A soulmate is not a perfect person, of course. There are still challenges when you’re in love with another person. But they are the one who are best suited for your heart and for the way you want to be loved. If you’ve met someone like this, know that they will always have a connection with you, and they will always have a special place in your heart.

Twin-flame relationships

While you might understand karmic relationships and soulmates, what about twin flames? The easiest way to describe these partnerships is to combine the previous two types of relationships. These are people who you feel instantly connected to because you’re a perfect fit for each other, and you also seem to share the same soul. This is typically a very good friend instead of a lover, though it can also be someone you’re romantic with.

No matter what sort of relationship you’re in or want to be in, understanding the feelings that emerge can help you define what the relationship is and where it’s probably going to lead. And the more you can see as your relationship grows, the more you can determine if this is the right relationship for you and if you want to continue the relationship in the future.

These relationships have merit and they can help to grow your heart and your mind. When you welcome the opportunity to meet a karmic connection, a soulmate, or a twin-flame, you open yourself up to the wisdom of the universe.

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