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What is White Magic?

Magic has been around for centuries. Our ancestors have used magic for varied reasons. Magic has no color but the evil intentions of casting spells for vested interests led to the term ‘black magic’ being used by those performing evil deeds, and ‘white magic’ for spells cast for only good intentions.

White magic spells are the best way to spread good and receive good as well. These spells are cast for various reasons such as healing a relationship, bringing back a lost love, marriage, career enhancement, and much more. Primarily, white magic is all about good, pure, and helpful magic. Many white witches who practice witchcraft are against the use of colors for magic, but unfortunately, the sinister intentions of a few have forced such a term to be used. White is the symbol or purity and peace, which is all what white magic spells are about.

How White Magic Spells are Cast

It is your faith, inner beliefs, and desires that create a positive change in your life, which in turn spreads to people around you. Even the rituals and the process is simple with tools like pen, paper, candles, flowers, herbs, and incense used. The objective of white magic spells is to unleash the inherent energy and power that resides in you and release it to the world around. During the spell casting process your intentions are released into the universe. The key is to work with an experienced spell caster that masters the craft and knows how unleash the powerful energies that will then work in your favor. Remember, magic spells may not produce overnight results. You need to remain focused on those thoughts and the spell will work.

To cast white magic spells you need to be clear about the areas in your life that need improvement. This could be your finances, love life, career, marriage, promotion, health, or anything where you desire happiness and fulfillment. If you intend to take revenge on your lost love or do something harmful, you can forget about such a spell ever working with white magic. This will only come back to you three times stronger and this is the reason why I do not offer any curses. I want you to improve your life and to feel the power of positive energies and to bring you long-lasting happiness that you deserve.

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