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Introduction to Wiccan Love Spells

Wicca is the term used to refer to modern Neo-pagan faith. The term Neo-pagan is another name for new pagan. Gerald Gardner is a famous British civil servant associated with Wiccan faith and its strong roots. A person who professes this faith can cast spells on anything. For instance, he or she could cast Wiccan love spells for true love.

This is a common practice among many spell casters. Love spells are aimed at boosting vows with a close lover. Some people cast these love spells to prevent infidelity. Others believe Wiccan love spells can attract love.

An important factor to consider is never to change another person’s free will.  You cannot force someone to fall in love with you. Ensure that your love spell is not meant to harm somebody else. According to Wiccan faith, the law of threefold warns on this. Bad wishes to another person may return to you.

How to cast a Wiccan love spell with a lover

A couple can cast Wiccan love spells together. This is a very powerful way to strengthen a love or marriage relationship. Usually, the love spells performed are simple and cheerful.

They enhance passion and affection between lovers. These spells become easier if both couples believe in Wiccan faith. Some of the things couples could do together involve a few things.

They can both take a dip in herb-scented water and cast a Wiccan love spell. This water is prepared with special herbs such as rose petals, sandalwood and patchouli. Couples could also bathe each other in turns.

Another way of doing it is eating food spiced with love spell herbs. Of course the love spell procedure needs to include glowing colored candles. Each flame color has a unique meaning according to Wiccan faith.

Cast Wiccan Love spell to attract true love

This type of love spell is performed individually. It’s aimed at opening the heart to accept love. Spell casters also believe that it gets rid of love obstacles. It should normally be done inside a special silent room.

This Wiccan Love spell entails bathing in herb-scented water, lighting candles, burning incense and setting out flowers.

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