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Do you feel as if you have a huge weight on your shoulders? Is it difficult to think positive, even though you should? Imagine the way you feel after you clean your home. The relief that comes from removing clutter from your space will also come when you purify your spirit with this purification spell.

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Often, we carry around negative energies, without even realizing it.  These energies can make you feel tired and as though you are slowly moving through life.  With the help of a purification spell, you will be able to release any energies which do not serve you, freeing you to focus your energy in other areas of your world.  And in time, you will be able to feel completely free and you will be able to attract only beautiful things into your life.  Choosing to purify yourself can be the best gift you give to your heart and to your life’s sense of purpose.

In our daily lives, we clean to make ourselves and our environments. But most do not stop to purify what really matters, the spirit. Cleaning and purifying your spirit will open your senses, allowing you to feel all of the beautiful things in life again. You will feel free and physically lighter.

The weight you feel pressing down upon you will be lifted, resulting in a more positive outlook on life. This purification spell cleanses your spirit fully and purges any spiritual toxins from your system. Use this purification spell to aid you in having a “fresh start” after something negative has happened to you. Or, make a regular practice of exercising purification spells to keep you energized.

No matter how cluttered your spirit is at this time, this purification spell will purify you wholly and completely. Take care of your inner self the same way you take care of your outer self and you will reap the rewards.

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