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Revenge Spell




This unique revenge spell will grant you the power to seek vengeance on those who have done wrong to you. Whether it be a rival business, your ex-lover, or anyone else in your life who has caused pain, this powerful spell allows you to channel your hurt and anger into a positive force that can right the wrongs of the past.

This spell is not intended to do harm but rather to provide justice so that balance may be restored. This revenge spell is cast using only natural elements and will make sure that justice is served in an appropriate manner. With its careful mixture of lunar energy and incantations, this spell will ensure that the person responsible for your hurt receives their just due.

Harness the Power of Justice

The power of a revenge spell is something that commands respect and admiration. It’s not something to be taken lightly or used frivolously, but rather a sign of strength, courage, and resilience. When one has been wronged and feels as though justice is not being served, the use of this type of spell can provide a sense of closure and allow for the restoration of balance in one’s life.

This particular revenge spell is one of the most powerful available – it utilizes only natural elements, making sure that all involved parties receive the justice they deserve without causing any harm to anyone in the process. A careful blend of lunar energy and other powerful incantations is used to cast this spell, ensuring its potency and effectiveness.

Unleash the Power of Retribution: Witness the Consequences Unfold

Once you’ve cast this powerful revenge spell, those who have wronged you will start to feel the consequences. Depending on their actions, the revenge can range from subtle, such as an intense inner restlessness that they may not be able to explain, to more obvious signs – curtains that sway in the wind; long-forgotten memories that resurface and disrupt any peace of mind; and finally it can descend into full chaos. All of these are indications that your vengeance spell is working – but if stronger retribution is needed, then the universe will answer!

It should be noted that while this revenge spell can help you restore balance in your life, it should never be seen as an excuse for vigilantism or taking matters into your own hands unlawfully. The intent behind casting such spells should always be to seek justice peacefully – never violence or hatred. No matter how powerful your emotions are at times due to injustice done toward you or others dear to you, it’s important never to let them drive your decisions without proper thought and reflection on possible repercussions down the line.

The Uses of A Revenge Spell

  • To seek justice for yourself or someone close to you who has been wronged.
  • To restore balance in your life and bring closure to painful past experiences.
  • To send a powerful message that those who wronged you must rectify their wrongdoing or face the consequences.
  • As a tool to help maintain peace and order in the world.
  • To ensure that no harm is done to anyone during the process of seeking justice.
  • Provide closure and balance for those who have been wronged
  • Allow justice to be served in an appropriate manner with no harm being done to anyone

How a Revenge Spell Can Help you

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Someone might do something to intentionally hurt you, and no matter what you try to do to right the situation, nothing seems to help. Instead of simply changing your attitude, you might want to look into revenge spells.

This spell will ensure that you are doing all that you can, even when justice doesn’t seem to be helping you out. The revenge spell will quickly and thoroughly right the situation and make you feel better about what has happened.

However, for many people, the idea of seeking revenge is something that looks just as awful and wrong as the actual original negative act. But this does not have to be the case. When you use this spell, you are simply rebalancing the energies which have been disturbed by another person.

Unveiling the Truth: The Revenge Spell as a Reflection of Accountability and Justice

Whether that person did the negative thing intentionally or not, you might want to use the revenge spell in order to help them see they are harming others and that they should stop this sort of behavior.  However, this is not typically the case. Most people know they are hurting you because they are trying to.

In a situation where you are unsafe, and you are being physically or emotionally harmed by someone else, you need to do all that you can to stop the situation from happening. You might call in the police, a therapist, or some other person to help you stop the problems. If none of these avenues of justice work, then you might want to try the revenge spell.

With a revenge spell, you can trust that justice will be served in whatever form the Universe deems fit. The universe always knows what the score is, and it will ensure that negative energies are taken care of in the end.

Perhaps they might even learn a lesson about harming anyone else. And that’s the best result of revenge spells.  The universe always balances itself out, but you can help the process move along at a quicker pace.

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15 reviews for Revenge Spell

  1. K. (verified owner)

    I had this revenge spell performed because a former best friend had impacted my life so negatively that I needed this revenge as a form of healing for myself. She posed as a positive, charitable, helpful, and loving person everywhere but only used and manipulated people by doing so. When I was very ill, she helped me a lot and gave me a hand. What I didn’t know, however, was that she was in love with my husband and took advantage of the closeness and my illness to approach him. It was a devastating time. What kind of person does that? It broke my marriage even though I forgave my husband. I don’t want to write too much about it because then I have to relive it mentally. I just want to say that she got what she deserved.

  2. T. (verified owner)

    For many years I suffered from a narcissistic ex-husband. I’ve been through hell, both during and after marriage. He took every opportunity to harm me, lied, spread nasty rumors about me, used his power (financial and shared custody) against me, and even turned my daughter against me. He used so much psychological and emotional violence to subdue me that it broke me mentally and psychologically. The revenge spell was exactly what I wanted. I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, but what he did to me should come back to him three times stronger, according to the threefold law. Thank you, Memoona. Your revenge spell has brought me so much peace, knowing that the universe has finally punished him for everything he did to me.

  3. A. (verified owner)

    This spell provided me with the perfect sense of justice that I was seeking! I am forever grateful!

  4. N. (verified owner)

    It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life to be left by my husband for my best friend. After being together with him for years, it felt like a slap in the face when they both ran off together, leaving me alone and heartbroken. I had no way of getting back at them, and that feeling of helplessness made me even more angry than I already was.

    That’s when I heard about the revenge spell. At first, I was skeptical – how could something like this really work? But after doing more research and gathering more information, I decided to give it a shot. Memoona made the ordering process really easy, and I had a very good feeling ordering it.

    Six weeks later, things started happening that made me believe that the revenge spell worked! First of all, my best friend, who had betrayed me, began having strange health problems, she couldn’t eat anything without feeling sick, and she soon became bedridden due to extreme fatigue. Secondly, my husband began receiving numerous negative messages from his friends, who were suddenly turning against him without any explanation or warning. He also lost his job, and this is devastating to him.

    I felt satisfied knowing that justice had been served and felt relieved by finally being able to get some closure on what happened between us three. It may have taken some time for these events to unfold, but eventually, everything ended up exactly as I envisioned it would when I ordered the spell – practical proof that this spell works! If you find yourself in a situation where you need just retribution then don’t hesitate – use this revenge spell!

  5. K. (verified owner)

    It was a devastating moment for me when I found out that my pet cat had been wrongfully euthanized. After the veterinarian responsible for making the decision was cleared of any wrongdoing!!! I knew I had to do something.

    That’s when I stumbled on wiccanbrew.com. I bought the revenge spell and waited for Memoona to cast it. Three days later, Memoona notified me that my revenge spell was successfully completed.

    Weeks passed, the months passed, and still no results. I was a bit deflated, and then almost five months after my spell was cast, the veterinarian responsible for taking my cat’s life lost his license due to accusations of gross negligence and fraud.
    It almost felt too convenient, as if fate had intervened to bring about justice for my cat’s wrongful death.

    I can’t express how relieved and grateful I am now that this vet has been brought to justice for what he did to my cat. Though nothing will ever bring her back, I can find solace in knowing that she has been avenged and that her death was not in vain.

    Thank you, Memoona!

  6. T. (verified owner)

    After I was hurt by someone close to me, empowering myself with a revenge spell gave me the strength and determination to move on. The spell did its job, and justice was served (and very much so). I feel safe and secure in knowing that the Universe has my back. Highly recommend!

  7. B. (verified owner)

    I recently used a revenge spell to restore balance in my life after a wrong was done to me. I had been feeling helpless and out of control, but the power that I felt from the spell was immensely empowering. The spell worked with the forces of nature to bring about closure and justice as if directed by an unseen hand.

    The results were astonishing – within days of Memoona casting the spell, I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders as if a huge burden had been taken away. With every passing day, my faith grew stronger that justice would be served and peace restored. And sure enough, within a few weeks, it became clear that justice had been served and balance was being restored. I finally started to move on with my life without fear.

    I’m so grateful for this powerful revenge spell and would highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered from any kind of injustice or harm done against them or someone close to them. This is an incredibly effective way to take back your power and restore balance in your life.

  8. G. (verified owner)

    I have the worst neighbors and was in dire need of a revenge spell. After Memoona cast the spell, strange and unearthly things began to happen to my neighbor. The lights in their house would flicker as if an invisible force was inside trying to break out. Their car wouldn’t start, forcing them to use public transportation, something which had never occurred before.

    The most peculiar thing of all is that the neighbor’s dog suddenly became aggressive towards them, even though it had always been very friendly up until then. This was perhaps the most unnerving experience for my neighbor, as they could no longer trust their own pet.

    These occurrences were mysterious and unexplainable by any earthly means, yet they served my purpose as retribution for all of the wrongs that my neighbor had done me. I’m not sure what happened exactly, but I know one thing – justice was served!

  9. A. (verified owner)

    As a mother whose daughter was raped and killed by her next-door neighbor, I had no faith left in the system. My daughter’s killer was cleared of all wrongdoing, leaving me with no form of closure or justice for my daughter’s death.

    But then I heard about revenge spells, the power to seek justice through spiritual means that cannot be attained in any earthly court. My heart filled with hope, and I hired Memoona to cast a revenge spell on behalf of my beloved daughter. I submitted very specific wishes, and she was able to cast my spell in a few days!

    I waited for months, and nothing happened. Then, in the sixth month, my daughter’s killer was killed in a horrible car accident!

    It was like divine intervention, and justice was served for my dearest daughter, who had suffered so much injustice during her short life.

    The experience has changed me forever. To this day, nothing fills me with more comfort than hearing stories of people getting the justice they deserve through spiritual means, even if it is something as unconventional as casting a revenge spell on their behalf. There is something powerful and beautiful about seeking your own type of redemption even when other forms have failed you so terribly before.

  10. J. (verified owner)

    Having been left by my husband for my best friend, I was full of hurt and anger. The pain I felt was immense and I wanted revenge. That’s when I found the revenge spell. After Memoona cast it, I noticed that strange and wonderful things began happening – my former best friend, who had stolen away my husband, suddenly became ill with strange symptoms that baffled doctors. The feeling of knowing that justice had been served was so satisfying! The revenge spell worked perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

  11. J. (verified owner)

    My co-worker was someone I disliked from the moment I started, and over time that dislike only solidified as I observed her bad behavior. She would often spread rumors about other colleagues and me. She laughed at our misfortune and never had a kind word to say about anyone. Even though she was charming to others when they were around her when no one else was listening, she would make unkind remarks about our jobs and our abilities.

    I had tried several times to deal with the situation, but nothing seemed to work. No matter how much I confronted her or tried to talk things out, nothing seemed to be able to put an end to her destructive behavior. That’s when I found Memoona’s revenge spell and decided it was worth giving a try.

    Ordering the spell was surprisingly easy. All I had to do was submit her information, a picture, date of birth, and explain what I wished for.

    It wasn’t long before strange things started happening with my co-worker. Suddenly people stopped taking her seriously at work, and she began having issues with other colleagues who used to trust her completely. Everyone turned on her, belittled her, and our boss flooded her with work. No matter how much effort she put in, her problems at work grew. She was always judged by everyone around her, and the humiliation began taking a toll on her. She was eventually defeated and left the company.

    This is practical proof that the revenge spell works! If you are ever in a situation where you feel like there is no way for justice to be served, don’t hesitate – to use this powerful spell! It has worked wonders for me and will surely be successful for you too!

  12. U. (verified owner)

    It was a harrowing experience for me when I found out that my daughter had been viciously attacked in her own Business. After the assailant was arrested and released with no charges, it felt like justice wasn’t being served.

    I felt powerless and desperate to seek retribution for her attack, so I turned to Memoona from wiccanbrew.com to cast a revenge spell on behalf of my daughter. I purchased the revenge spell, not knowing exactly what to expect.

    In the space of nine months after Memoona cast my spell, the assailant responsible for attacking my daughter was killed in a freak accident. I am convinced that fate had intervened to bring about justice for my daughter’s attack.

    I can’t express how relieved and grateful I am now that this man has been brought to justice for what he did to my daughter. Though nothing will ever erase the trauma of her attack, I can find comfort in knowing that he is no longer able to inflict harm on anyone else and that justice has been served.

  13. O. (verified owner)

    Our neighbors made our life a living hell, it was just horrible. We live in a town home and they argued (shouting loudly with swear words) all day long, especially the man. The dog was also simply locked up in the backyard and then naturally barked all day long. We could never sit in peace in our backyard or invite guests. I had tried everything, with a nice conversation, a friendly card, and even a letter from the lawyer. But that provoked them even more. They called me names and then made a lot of noise on purpose. I was so desperate and helpless that I then had this revenge spell performed. I’m so so so thankful that Memoona’s spell worked so well for me. They are now separating, and the house is being sold. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Now I’ll order a luck to attract pleasant buyers/new neighbors!

  14. V. (verified owner)

    The grief of losing my son to police violence was unbearable. I never expected to be a mother who had her son murdered by the police, and yet here I was, merely existing from day to day with an aching void in my heart that no one could fill.

    I tried every avenue for justice I could think of, but nothing seemed to work. My son’s death was ruled as a justifiable homicide, and all four of the officers involved were cleared of any wrongdoing. I felt completely hopeless and powerless.

    That’s when someone recommended that I turn to a spiritual path for justice on behalf of my son. So, I sought out an expert witch named Memoona from wiccanbrew.com and hired her to cast a revenge spell on behalf of my dead son. Memoona was able to cast the spell in three days!

    At spell was cast, nothing happened; weeks passed with no change, but then, four months that the spell was cast, lightning struck! All four officers involved in my son’s murder were killed in the line of duty! It was almost too good to be true; justice was finally served for my beloved son!

    Since then, many people have come up to me asking what had happened and how this kind of miracle could occur. And each time, I tell them: there are forces at work beyond our understanding that can deliver tremendous power if you know where to look for them!

  15. D. (verified owner)

    Revenge can be a powerful and satisfying emotion, especially when it comes to an evil neighbor. Recently, I experienced this firsthand. For months I had struggled with my neighbor’s wicked behavior. His disregard for our rules and his attitude of entitlement had been difficult to handle.

    I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands, so I looked up this revenge spell that would enable me to get the justice I deserved. Memoona’s spell worked perfectly, and within days of her casting it, my neighbor finally received his deserved fate for all of the wrongs he had done.

    First, his property was vandalized. Graffiti appeared on his house overnight as if directed by an unseen force. Then his car wouldn’t start when he was late for an important meeting. More unpleasant things happened to my neighbor. He started losing money; it seemed as if his bad luck was suddenly taking a turn for the worse. He was unable to pay his mortgage on time and even had to pawn off some of his possessions in order to stay afloat financially.

    Next, his health took a dive. He began getting sick more often and for extended periods of time. Strangely enough, medical tests revealed nothing wrong, and doctors were at a loss for what could be causing his sudden ill health.

    Finally, negative events ensued in his personal relationships. One by one, their friends stopped coming around and suddenly closed all lines of communication with them. This led to feelings of loneliness and isolation that had never been felt before. He complained about it a lot, and his wife did too. It became clear that this was not just coincidence or bad luck. This was the revenge spell working its magic!

    I almost forgot someone anonymously submitted a complaint to the police about them, and they were fined heavily.

    I must say that seeing this person receive justice felt incredibly empowering. It made me feel as though I could really make a difference in the world, even if it was just on a small scale with one individual. This revenge spell gave me the satisfaction that even evil people get what’s coming to them eventually.

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