Understanding Your Aura, its Colors, and how to Cleanse it

Your Aura is the invisible energy field that emanates from your body’s surface.  It is the field of energy that surrounds every being and creature. The energy of your aura is interpreted by determining the colors of your aura, as well as the shape, consistency, and clarity of each layer.  Yes, one’s aura is in different colored layers.

What is an Aura?

Have you ever felt the energy shifting when someone walks into a room? Have you ever felt like you know what someone is thinking without them speaking? These are all signs of an aura. An aura is a reflection of your energy, thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being.

Auras can be seen by some individuals – usually considered to be clairvoyants or psychics – as different colored shapes around and within the body. Often times these colors can tell us a great deal about a person’s overall well-being and spiritual state. For example, blues often indicate peace, while reds may indicate anger and aggression.

An individual’s aura can also change over time and develop with experience. It’s believed that people who practice meditation or certain spiritual practices will strengthen their own aura over time as they become more conscious of their own inner being. Additionally, it has been suggested that people with stronger auras are more attractive to others due to the attractive power of positive energies radiating from them at all times.

What is an Energetic Connection?

It is also possible for two people to be connected through their own personal energies in what is called an “energetic connection.” This energetic connection allows for both individuals to pick up on one another’s moods and emotions without speaking to each other – simply through the exchange of energies between them. This type of interpersonal connection can be incredibly powerful and help us create meaningful relationships with others in our daily lives.

As we become more aware of our own inner energy, we begin to gain control over it and learn how to use it for good rather than evil. By taking practical steps such as yoga or meditation, we can gain insight into our own auras and start utilizing this power in constructive ways. Ultimately, the power of an aura lies within ourselves – it’s up to us how we use it!

Reading your Aura

Aura Reading

Learning to read your aura can be acquired through books and charts. It is a spiritual process, and you must come in touch with your inner being.  Meditation can be used as you focus on positive energy to create the image of your aura. Learning color definition will also be necessary, as well as learning location and shape.

How to Read Your Aura

Are you looking to explore the energy of your aura and become more in tune with yourself? Reading your aura is a great way to gain insight into yourself and make conscious choices about how you want to live your life. It’s important to take time for yourself and develop an understanding of the subtle energies that are happening around you. Here are some steps on how to read your aura:


The first step in reading your aura is preparing yourself mentally and emotionally. Make sure you’re feeling relaxed, centered, and grounded before beginning. This can be done through meditation, yoga or simply taking a few deep breaths. Once you feel settled, close your eyes and bring your attention inward.

Connecting With Your Aura

Once you’re feeling relaxed and centered, it’s time to connect with your aura. You can do this by visualizing the energy field that surrounds your body, extending outwards like a bubble or mist-like field. Take several slow deep breaths while visualizing this connection between yourself and the energy of your aura.

Interpreting the Aura’s Color And Shape

Now that you’ve connected with the energy of your aura begin to focus on interpreting the colors it emits as well as its shape. Each color in an aura has different energetic qualities associated with them, such as purple being associated with transformation or yellow being associated with joy. While observing these colors, get curious about what they may represent – both on an emotional level but also what could potential messages they may have for you or advice for the future. Additionally, observe if there are any patterns or shapes forming within your aura – this could indicate areas where healing might be needed or particular strengths that will help guide you through life changes if need be.

These are just some basic tips on how to read into the energy of your own personal aura! There are many other techniques available for further study in order to enhance and cultivate this practice even further – so why not explore them today? Taking care of yourself spiritually is just as important as taking care of our mental and physical bodies – so why not use this tool as part of our overall well-being routine?

The Meaning of each Aura Color

Auras come in many different colors, each one offering its own unique insights into the individual. Red auras often indicate strong feelings such as anger or passion. Those with green auras may be more nurturing and compassionate individuals, while yellow-aura people tend to be creative thinkers who are constantly looking for new ways to express themselves. Blue auras are associated with sensitivity and empathy, while purple auras symbolize spiritual growth and enlightenment. By understanding the meanings behind these colors, we can gain deeper insight into ourselves and others.


red aura

A red aura usually indicates strong emotions, such as anger, passion, and aggression. It may also represent a person who is always on the go or has a lot of energy to put into their activities. People with red auras are often focused and determined in completing tasks and may be fearless when faced with challenges. Red can also reveal challenges within the family life or indicate problems related to physical health.

Red auras can denote the need to take a break from daily stressors and focus on self-care or relaxation. Those with red auras may be feeling overwhelmed or may benefit from finding ways to express their emotions more constructively. Additionally, people with red auras should make sure they are taking enough time for themselves to avoid burnout and maintain balance in their lives.


orange aura

An orange aura is indicative of confidence and enthusiasm. Those with an orange aura are likely to be sociable and outgoing, often enjoying the company of others. They may find no difficulty in expressing their thoughts or opinions and may also have an affinity for creativity.

Orange auras can provide insight into a person’s state of wellness on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. People with an orange aura tend to have strong relationships and enjoy making meaningful connections with those around them. Additionally, they may benefit from exploring their creative activities or passion projects that help them express themselves to the fullest. Orange auras can also reveal spiritual growth or transformation as well as any unresolved issues related to love or communication.


yellow aura

A yellow aura is often associated with joy, optimism, and intellectual pursuits. Those with a yellow aura tend to be curious and enjoy learning new skills or expanding their knowledge base. They may be excellent problem solvers and are often open to change.

A yellow aura can also indicate an individual’s ability to see things differently than others while holding on to their core values. People with a yellow aura may have great self-confidence, allowing them to take calculated risks that could propel them to success. Additionally, they are often highly capable of self-reflection and may make decisions based on both logic and intuition. A yellow aura can reveal creative capabilities that could lead to career advancement or personal fulfillment.


green aura

A green aura is often associated with balance, healing, and growth. Those with a green aura tend to be compassionate and generous, always seeking out ways to help people in need. Green auras can reveal an individual’s thoughtful nature and spiritual awareness.

Green auras may also indicate an individual’s desire for harmony between body, mind, and spirit. People with a green aura are often guided by their intuition and have the capacity to see both sides of any situation. Additionally, they may possess great strength of character and strive for success through ethical means. A green aura can reveal how emotionally available someone is or how likely they are to forgive others or themselves when needed.


blue aura

A blue aura is often associated with communication, tranquility, and depth. Those with a blue aura tend to be introspective and have the capacity for deep insight into themselves and others. Blue auras can reveal an individual’s perceptiveness and ability to express themselves eloquently.

Blue auras may also indicate an individual’s desire for truth in all aspects of life. People with a blue aura are often guided by their sense of justice and seek out ways to bring peace to any situation. Additionally, they tend to think things through before taking action and make decisions based on logic rather than emotion. A blue aura can reveal how deeply connected someone is to their intuition and how skilled they are at discerning the truth from false claims.


indigo aura

An indigo aura is often associated with vision, creativity, and spirituality. Those with an indigo aura tend to be highly intuitive and have a great connection to the unseen realms. Indigo auras can reveal an individual’s ability to access Divine wisdom and see the potential in everything.

Indigo auras may also indicate an individual’s desire for self-mastery and spiritual awakening. People with an indigo aura are often guided by their inner voice and seek out ways to tap into the power of their imagination. Additionally, they may possess a deep understanding of human nature and strive for unique solutions to life’s problems. An indigo aura can reveal how comfortable someone is in trusting their own judgment and how far they will go to protect their beliefs.


purple aura

A purple aura is often associated with wisdom, spirituality, and mystery. Those with a purple aura tend to be deeply introspective and have a strong connection to their inner realms. Purple auras can reveal an individual’s ability to access higher-level knowledge and see the bigger picture of life.

Purple auras may also indicate an individual’s desire for transformation and spiritual growth. People with a purple aura are often guided by their intuition and seek out ways to expand their awareness. Additionally, they may possess the confidence to pursue unconventional paths in life, always looking for new opportunities for growth. A purple aura can reveal how creative someone is in problem solving and how willing they are to go against the status quo.


pink aura

A pink aura is often associated with love, gentleness, and compassion. Those with a pink aura tend to be deeply caring and have a strong connection to their heart. Pink auras can reveal an individual’s ability to give and receive unconditional love and see the beauty in all things. People with a pink aura are often guided by their sense of empathy and seek out ways to bring peace into the world. Additionally, they may possess a special capacity for joy and harmony within their relationships. A pink aura can reveal how open someone is to intimacy and how devoted they are to helping others.


silver aura

A silver aura is often associated with spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, and truth. Those with a silver aura tend to be passionate about understanding the universe and have a strong connection to their higher-self. Silver auras can reveal an individual’s ability to access deep divine knowledge and see the profound connections in life. People with a silver aura are often guided by their intuition and seek out ways to unravel the mysteries of life. Additionally, they may possess the courage to follow their true path and remain open to divine guidance. A silver aura can reveal how open someone is to connecting deeply with their soul purpose and how attuned they are to universal energies.


brown aura

A brown aura is often associated with grounding, stability, and reliability. Those with a brown aura tend to be practical and have a strong connection to their physical environment. Brown auras can reveal an individual’s ability to manifest ideas into reality and see the practicality in all things. People with a brown aura are often guided by their logical thinking and seek out ways to create structure in their lives. Additionally, they may possess an affinity for hard work and be self-disciplined when it comes to taking action on their goals. A brown aura can reveal how open someone is to stability and how invested they are in manifesting tangible results.


black aura

A black aura is often associated with protection, intuition, and deep introspection. Those with a black aura tend to be in tune with their inner self and have an understanding of the unseen energies that exist within us all. Black auras can reveal an individual’s ability to access hidden knowledge and protect themselves from negative energy. People with a black aura are often guided by their own inner wisdom and seek out ways to heal both themselves and those around them. Additionally, they may possess the courage to face their fears head on and remain open to spiritual guidance. A black aura can reveal how open someone is to diving deep into their subconscious mind, as well as how attuned they are to the energetic frequencies of the world around them.


white aura

A white aura is often associated with purity, innocence, and a connection to higher realms. Those with a white aura tend to be guided by their own intuition and have access to divine knowledge. White auras can reveal an individual’s ability to remain present in the moment and stay connected to their higher self. People with a white aura are often guided by their heart’s desires and seek out ways to tap into the spiritual world. Additionally, they may possess insight into the interconnectedness of all things, as well as staying open to unconditional love from those around them. A white aura can reveal how open someone is to new learning experiences, as well as how closely they are attuned to the vibrations of higher consciousness.

How our Aura Affects Your Life

Our aura affects us in our everyday life. We carry not only positive energy but also negative. And it is necessary to clear your aura to cleanse yourself. Find a quiet place to sit where there will be no disturbances for at least 15 minutes. Gently close your eyes while taking three deep breaths through your nose. Picture the positive white light as you do so. This is the light of the universe that protects us, and we must all walk in. Picture it entering your lungs and energizing your physical body. As you exhale, picture a gray cloud of smoke that is removing all the negative energies in your body. Quietly say to yourself, in a peaceful realm, release all negative emotions and stress to the universe, where they will dissipate and will no longer do harm to anyone. With your final breath, imagine your lungs being filled with the energy of God through a large ball of white light.

Returning to normal breathing and imagine the ball of white light growing and mixing with your energy, pulsating and pushing through your organs, muscles, and tissues, and releasing all stress out of your body. Picture the energy going through your body to your feet.  Feel the goodness within you and continue to cleanse your aura regularly.

The Importance of a Clean Aura

Just like physical cleanliness is next to godliness, making sure that the spirit is clean is also of great importance. Being spiritually clean pertains to having a clear aura surrounded by positive energies. With positive energy, a person feels happier, healthier, safer, and stronger. All around us, there are negative energies that prevail. Everything that we see around us, be it an inanimate thing or plants or animals emanates some kind of energy, and this can be positive or negative. Sometimes in entering a house, you have a “bad feeling” about the place, feel that you can’t breathe, and could not stay long in that place.  In meeting some people, you feel drained and dizzy. It is for this purpose that spiritual cleansing should be performed. Spiritual cleansing improves the whole atmosphere surrounding a person, home, workplace, etc.

As you move around in the world, you encounter people and places that might leave an energetic residue. You may not see it, and you may not feel it, but when it builds up in your aura (your energetic field), it can become problematic. If you’ve been feeling run down or as though you’re overburdened by the world’s energy, you might want to cleanse your aura from time to time.

Things can get messy

Your aura is the energetic field that is around your body, about three to four inches from your skin’s outer layer (further out for some, closer for others). This area is the energetic field that expands and contracts, depending on the energy of others. You’ve probably noticed that your energy contracts when someone with a big energy field comes into the space near you. And when you’re feeling big, others might seem to contract.

But why does this matter?

Our energetic fields hold onto all our own energy, but they can also take on the energy of things that happen around us. Perhaps there’s an angry dog or an argument that happens near you as you sit at a restaurant. Or you might walk by someone sad, and you take on that energy. You might not mean to take on any of these energies, but things can get messy, and things can build up in your aura.

People can make your energy ‘dirty’

The people we encounter every day will have their own energetic fields that may or may not be well taken care of. They might have energies of anger and frustration or sadness and despair. While these might not seem a big deal, they can start to spill out into our auras, making us feel weighed down.

We can start to take on the energies of others, even though we might not be sad or angry. When that happens, you can start to feel like you’re not yourself, like you’re not balanced, and like you’re not grounded. And when this happens, you might start to act in ways that aren’t helpful to others, getting angry with them for no reason, or you might start being fearful of everyone that comes near you.

Your health depends on it

What you might not realize is that your aura is also a place that collects energies that can impact your physical health too. When you don’t spend time cleaning your aura, the negativity can make you tired and run down. You might stop taking care of yourself or start to feel ill. Others find they get physically sick when they don’t clean their aura on a regular basis. They can get flu-like symptoms or pain that travel up and down their bodies.

If you’ve noticed you’re feeling off and you’ve been around a lot of negative things lately, it might be a good idea to do an aura cleanse. This will help clear away harmful energies so you can start feeling like you again. A cleanse will also help you remove negative energies that might be attracting negative things in your direction. And doing a regular cleanse will ensure you’re not holding onto any negative feelings or memories from others (or from your own life experience).

Of course, you’re bound to get more negative energy on you as you live your life. It’s hard to avoid. But when you do regular aura cleanses, you can ensure you have the cleanest aura possible, one that is able to withstand ‘dirty’ energies and attract positive experiences.

Three Ways to Clean Your Aura

Meditation and your Aura

Aura Meditation

Meditating regularly is one of the best ways to achieve this equilibrium. Each time you meditate, you are stretching out your energetic field while calming your mind at the same time. This helps reduce stress levels while allowing your body to relax deeply into an internal state of contentment and peace. With regular practice, these feelings become more frequent – helping you stay centered no matter what obstacles life throws your way.

This can make our aura look brighter when we are feeling happy or cause it to dim when we are feeling low. It’s important to keep your aura balanced and in good condition if you want to remain healthy and clear-minded.

In addition, meditation helps protect your aura by shielding it from any negative external energies or frequencies that could potentially affect it. Doing so prevents lower vibrations from entering your system and causing disruption or disharmony within the body’s subtle layers of energy. As a result, any blocked energy is released naturally during meditation, which helps maintain balance within the aura.

Through meditation and knowledge of the chakras, spiritual cleansing is done.  There are seven energy centers of the body, and these are called chakras. Each has its own location in the body and a corresponding color.  If they are blocked and their color dulled, it means that the spirit is imbalanced and covered in negative energy.

A Simple Ritual to Cleanse your Aura

Choose a room in your house to meditate in. Ensure the room is also physically clean by sweeping the floor and wiping off the dust. You can also burn sage incense or smudge sage around the room to intensify positive vibration. Sit comfortably in the middle of the room, close your eyes, and take a deep breath through your nose. Hold this breath for about four seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth. Continue this breathing technique until you feel relaxed and feel the tension oozing out of your body.

Visualize the negative energy going out of your feet. See a round red transparent ball of energy (root chakra) floating inside your body near the lower part of your back. This is the center of individuality and strength, the root chakra. Imagine a white light coming from mother earth itself going up to your feet, knees reaching the red chakra. This white light turns the red chakra into a brighter color as it cleanses out the negative energy. Move up to the orange chakra (sacral chakra), visualizing the same white light purifying the chakra, making it brighter.

The white light moves through all your chakras one by one; it goes to the yellow chakra (solar plexus), pink with green chakra (heart chakra), blue chakra (throat), indigo chakra (third eye), and finally, the purple chakra (crown) unblocking, cleansing, purifying and balancing your whole being.

The white light beams up to heaven as brightly as ever and falls over your body, cleaning your aura as a whole. Shake your hands at your sides and feel all the negative energy being fluffed out.  The chakras are all bright and glowing. Breathe in through your nose and then exhale through your mouth. When you’re ready, you can now open your eyes and go about your day feeling renewed, energized, fulfilled, and positive.

Hiring me for an Aura Cleansing Spell

Cleansing your aura is an essential part of spiritual health and growth. But if you’re new to the practice, where do you begin? For many people, the answer lies in hiring a professional spell caster. Here’s how hiring me can help with your aura-cleansing spell.

First, as a professional spell caster, I can help you determine which type of aura-cleansing spell is right for your goals. Different types of spells have different levels of intensity, making it important that I select the one that best fits your needs. As a professional, I will be able to select the tools and ingredients that would work best for you — helping ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

Second, as a professional spell caster, I have done this type of work many times before and know exactly what will be required to create and execute a successful Aura Cleansing Spell.

Third, with my expertise, I will be able to cast a more powerful and potent aura-cleansing spell than those who are just starting out in this practice. With stronger magical results comes greater clarity around our intentions and deeper insights into ourselves — something that simply cannot be had from more amateur attempts at such rituals.

Overall, by hiring a professional spell caster for an aura cleansing spell, you are giving yourself permission to access powerful spiritual energies while ensuring that all aspects of the ritual are handled safely and correctly — no matter how experienced in these matters you may (or may not) be!

How often should you clean your Aura?

The process of spiritual cleansing should be done regularly. We often hear doctors and health practitioners detoxify our bodies from the toxins that we accumulate on a day-to-day basis. The same is true when it comes to spiritual cleansing. It’s just like taking the toxins and harmful elements out of our bodies to be able to live healthily. The effect of spiritual cleansing, on the other hand, will give us a sound mind that is free from negative elements. It also makes our spirit rejuvenated despite the fact that we live in a world full of negative energy.