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Understanding Your Aura and how to Cleanse it

Your Aura is the invisible energy field that emanates from your body’s surface.  It is the field of energy that surrounds every being and creature. The energy of your aura is interpreted by determining the colors of your aura, as well as the shape, consistency, and clarity of each layer.  Yes, one’s aura is in different colored layers.

Reading your Aura

Learning to read your aura can be acquired through books and charts, it is a spiritual process, and you must come in touch with your inner being.  Meditation can be used as you focus on positive energy to create the image of your aura. Learning color definition will also be necessary, as well as learning location and shape.

How our Aura affects Your Life

Our aura affects us in our everyday life.  We not only carry positive energy but also negative.  And, it is necessary to clear your aura to cleanse yourself.  Find a quiet place to sit where there will be no disturbances for at least 15 minutes.  Gently close your eyes while taking three deep breaths through your nose.  Picture the positive white light as you do so.  This is the light of the universe that protects us, and we must all walk in.  Picture it entering your lungs and energizing your physical body.  As you exhale, picture a gray cloud of smoke that is removing all the negative energies in your body.   Quietly say to yourself, in a peaceful realm, release all negative emotions and stress to the universe, where they will dissipate and will no longer do harm to anyone.  With your final breath, imagine your lungs being filled with the energy of God through a large ball of white light.

Returning to normal breathing and imagine the ball of white light growing and mixing with your energy, pulsating and pushing through your organs, muscles, and tissues, and releasing all stress out of your body.  Picture the energy going through your body to your feet.  Feel the goodness within you and continue to cleanse your aura regularly.

The Importance of a Clean Aura

Just like physical cleanliness is being next to godliness, making sure that the spirit is clean is also of great importance.  Being spiritually clean pertains to having a clear aura, surrounded by positive energies.  With positive energy, a person feels happier, healthier, safer, and stronger.  All around us, there are negative energies that prevail.  Everything that we see around us be it an inanimate thing or plants or animals, they emanate some kind of energy, and this can be positive or negative.  Sometimes in entering a house, you have a “bad feeling” about the place, feel that you can’t breathe, and could not stay long in that place.  In meeting some people, you feel drained and dizzy.  It is for this purpose that spiritual cleansing should be performed.  Spiritual cleansing improves the whole atmosphere surrounding a person, his home, his workplace, etc.

Meditation and Chakras

Through meditation and knowledge of the chakras, spiritual cleansing is done.  There are seven energy centers of the body, and these are called chakras.  Each has its own location in the body and a corresponding color.  If they are blocked and their color dulled, it means that the spirit is imbalanced and covered in negative energy.

A Simple Ritual to Cleanse your Aura

Choose a room in your house to meditate in.  Make sure the room is also physically clean by sweeping the floor and wiping off the dust.  You can also burn sage incense or smudge sage around the room to intensify positive vibration.  Sit comfortably in the middle of the room, close your eyes, and take a deep breath through your nose.  Hold this breath for about four seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth.  Continue this breathing technique until you feel relaxed and feel the tension oozing out of your body.

Visualize the negative energy going out of your feet.  See a round red transparent ball of energy (base chakra) floating inside your body near the lower part of your back.  This is the center of individuality and strength, the root chakra.  Imagine a white light coming from mother earth itself going up to your feet, knees reaching the red chakra.  This white light turns the red chakra into a brighter color as it cleanses out the negative energy.  Move up to the orange chakra (splenic), visualizing the same white light purifying the chakra, making it brighter.

The white light moves through all your chakras one by one, it goes to the yellow chakra (solar plexus), pink with green chakra (heart), blue chakra (throat), indigo chakra (third eye) and finally, the purple chakra (crown) unblocking, cleansing, purifying and balancing your whole being.

The white light beams up to heaven as brightly as ever and falls over your body, cleaning your aura as a whole.  Shake your hands at your sides and feel all the negative energy being fluffed out.   The chakras are all bright and glowing.  Breathe in through your nose and then exhale through your mouth.   When you’re ready, you can now open your eyes and go about your day feeling renewed, energized, fulfilled, and positive.

How often should you clean your Aura?

The process of spiritual cleansing should be done regularly. You may also add my professional Aura Cleansing Spell. We often hear doctors and health practitioners to detoxify our body from the toxins that we accumulate on a day to day basis. The same is true when it comes to spiritual cleansing. It’s just like taking the toxins and harmful elements out of our body to be able to live healthily. The effect of spiritual cleansing, on the other hand, will give us a sound mind that is free from the negative elements. It also makes our spirit rejuvenated despite the fact that we live in a world that’s full of negative energy.


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