Spell Removal to Break a Spell


With a Spell Removal, you will be able to release and push away any spellwork or curses that may have been sent in your direction. And you can also use Spell Removal to stop any spellwork you started that needs to be stopped. This spell will allow you to clear the magical space in your life and start off with a clean slate.



When you’re feeling down or disconnected from your life, you don’t necessarily think it’s related to magic. Instead, you might think you’re having a rough time and that it will pass soon enough. But when you’re suddenly plagued with negative encounters and you just feel ‘off,’ it might be smart to consider a Spell Removal.

Many people who have been suffering from headaches, malaise, or other unspecific health concerns are often perfectly well, but also impacted by spells being cast upon them. While this sounds scary, what you need to remember is that words have power. And some people accidentally cast spells on others with their anger or their frustration. They don’t mean it, but it can still impact the object of their rage.

While you may not be around people who do magical work (as far as you know), you never know when someone may have cursed you. With a Spell Removal to Break a Spell, you can get rid of the energies sent to you and you can release the pain they cause in your life. Plus, if you have cast a spell (intentionally or not), you can stop that from impacting others.

By using my Spell Removal, you can be certain you are removing the impact of negative magic on your body and mind. This spell will break the other spells and it will allow you to be free of what has happened.  In doing so, you can feel lighter and freer and more open to positive blessings.

You can undo and break any magic with the Spell Removal — and get a fresh start.


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