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Why is it important to cleanse your aura?

Why is it important to cleanse your aura?

As you move around in the world, you encounter people and places that might leave an energetic residue. You may not see it and you may not feel it, but when it builds up in your aura (your energetic field), it can become problematic. If you’ve been feeling run down or as though you’re overburdened by the world’s energy, you might want to cleanse your aura from time to time.

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Things can get messy

Your aura is the energetic field that is around your body, about three to four inches from your skin’s outer layer (further out for some, closer for others). This area is the energetic field that expands and contracts, depending on the energy of others. You’ve probably noticed that you feel like your energy contracts when someone with a big energy field comes into the space near you. And when you’re feeling big, others might seem to contract.

But why does this matter?

Our energetic fields hold onto all our own energy, but they can also take on the energy of things that happen around us. Perhaps there’s an angry dog or an argument that happens near you as you sit at a restaurant. Or you might walk by someone who is sad and you take on that energy. You might not mean to take on any of these energies, but things can get messy and things can build up in your aura.

People can make your energy ‘dirty’

The people we encounter every day will have their own energetic fields that may or may not be well taken care of. They might have energies of anger and frustration or sadness and despair. While these might not seem to be a big deal, they can start to spill out into our auras, making us feel weighed down.

We can start to take on the energies of others, even though we might not be sad or angry. When that happens, you can start to feel like you’re not yourself, like you’re not balanced, and like you’re not grounded. And when this happens, you might start to act in ways that aren’t helpful to others, getting angry with them for no reason or you might start being fearful of everyone that comes near you.

Your health depends on it

What you might not realize is that your aura is also a place that collects energies that can impact your physical health too. When you don’t spend time cleaning your aura, the negativity can start to make you feel tired and run down. You might stop taking care of yourself or you might start to feel ill. Others find they get physically sick when they don’t clean their aura on a regular basis. They can get flu-like symptoms or pain that travels up and down their body.

If you’ve noticed you’re feeling off and you’ve been around a lot of negative things lately, it might be a good idea to do an aura cleanse. This will help to clear away any harmful energies so you can start feeling like you again. A cleanse will also help you remove negative energies that might be attracting negative things in your direction. And doing a regular cleanse will ensure you’re not holding onto any negative feelings or memories from others (or from your own life experience).

Of course, you’re bound to get more negative energy on you as you live your life It’s hard to avoid. But when you do regular aura cleanses, you can ensure you have the cleanest aura possible, one that is able to withstand ‘dirty’ energies and attract positive experiences.

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