Spell to Break a Habit


Have you tried everything to break a bad habit and nothing is working? Are friends and loved ones getting upset at you for your habit or has it morphed into an addiction? You can rid your life of anything from a nervous habit to a painful addiction with this habit breaking spell. Break away from bad habits and addictions permanently.

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This habit breaking spell is to be used when you are tired of living with a habit or addiction and wish to receive the gift of its elimination from your life. From putting a stop to biting your nails to smoking cessation or defeating alcoholism, this spell can help break you of any habit or addiction.

Even if others view your habit as trivial it can often life inhibiting to you. You may feel that you will never break free from the habit. For example, you may be one of the many people who bite their nails. You would love to have long and graceful nails that you know will give you a well-groomed look, yet not matter what you try, you just cannot break free from the habit of biting them. Often you may not even be aware that you are doing it.

Or maybe your habit is more serious. You may be addicted to substances that will, over time lead to a complete breakdown of your health. It may be that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Or it may be some other substance that will threaten your health, for example a particular food.

No matter what your addiction, or habit that you want to break, the spell to break a habit or addiction will help you. Its powerful forces will work on the negative energies that cause you to depend on the substances or habit forming behavior. It will eradicate them and replace them with positive forces that will give you the strength to overcome the negative feelings and forces.

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