Spell to Turn Friendship to Love


Would you like someone who considers themselves to be “just a friend” to fall deeply in love with you? Do you yearn for them to reveal their true feelings of love to you? This love spell is your pathway from friendship to romance.

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True love is based in the bonds of friendship. This spell cultivates that friendship and helps bridge it over into a true loving relationship. A ritual such as this will turn any friend, no matter how deep the friendship, into the lover of your dreams. Platonic love will morph into romantic love as the spell’s powers work their way into your relationship.

In the glimpse of an eye, your friend will fall for you in ways you never imagined. This love spell enters the heart and soul of the one you desire without manipulation or interference with free will. The power of it will build on your existing friendship to create a warm and loving relationship based on true and unconditional love.

Your friend’s perception of you changes to your favor. This means that he or she will also start experiencing intense feelings. They will see you in a different way than before. This is not only physically, your friend will become attracted to you sexually too. He or she will begin to see you like a man or a woman they are in love with.  This means that in your friend’s eyes you can see immense passion.

Once the magic is in motion, your friend will fall in love with you almost instantly.

The result of this love spell is powerful and will create long-lasting and pure relationship.

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