Spell to Delete the Past


Have you done something to someone that you regret? Have you made a confession to someone that you wish you hadn’t? Erase the past from someone’s mind and start anew with a clean slate with this Spell to Delete the Past.

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Most of us have skeletons in our closets that we may not want someone else to know about. Or even worse, maybe they know something about us that we wish that they did not know. If this is you, then the spell to delete your past will help.

There are many reasons why you might need this spell to delete your past. It may be that you have been caught out doing something that you would rather other people did not know about. Someone has already got that knowledge, and you need to be certain that you can rely on them not to pass that knowledge on to anyone else. Given that human nature is to talk to other people, you can never rely on anyone to keep your secrets.

This spell to delete the past can help you.

This spell will make anyone you choose completely forget details of your past or anything else that you may not want them to remember. It is especially helpful if you are filled with regret about the events and situations of the past and need those around you to forget about it so you can move on. People who you wish would forget certain things will do so quickly, completely, and permanently.

The past deletion spell expels information without manipulation or interference with free will. The results of the spell are powerful, long lasting and pure. It will give you a fresh start in the minds of others, erase hurt and push a rewind button and eliminating from peoples minds what you have done or said.

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