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Are you going away on vacation and want your pet to be well? Has word of harm to pets spread throughout your neighborhood and you want to give your beloved pet the best protection possible? Obtain the general protection you need for your pet now with a powerful pet protection spell.

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This ritual is designed for permanent, general protection for your pet against any harm. Harm can come from any direction and from any source. It protects them from being hurt by other human beings, animals, and even spirits or demons and against anything that could be the cause of harm.

Our pets are great! We love them to distraction. We spoil them, and often give them more attention than we give to our human partners! Yet often, we cannot keep them inside all the time and therefore we cannot always be there to protect them.

Even if it is possible to keep them inside our homes all the time, then harm can still come to them. They may eat something that is bad for them, or fall. Outside the hazards to your pets are even worse. Cats can often get lost, or locked into sheds or other small places and be missing for days before anyone finds them. Dogs can slip out of their leash and run into a road, or in extreme cases, they have been stolen.

You cannot keep an eye on your pets all the time for 24 hours a day, no matter how much you love them.

This protection spell guarantees safety to your pet as long as they live, placing a blessing and spiritual shield around them that is impenetrable. The ritual is designed to prevent any being, human or otherwise, from hurting any pet.

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