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Are you going away on vacation and want to make sure your travels are safe? Did you just purchase a new or used car or boat and want to make sure that it’s shielded from negativity and protected for the future Use this Car Protection Spell and you will be protected.

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The blessings and powerful magic that the car and boat blessing and protection spell unleash, will give your new car or boat the protection that it needs from evil eye. It also protects both these vehicles from and all other types of harmful or evil spiritual presence. If you have ever felt some kind of evil or harmful presence around or in your car or boat, then this spell will eradicate them forever, leaving you free to enjoy using your vehicle without worry.

The spell should be used to protect your  car or boat from all kinds of harm. If you use the car and boat blessing and protection spell when you first purchase either of these vehicles, it will remain protected for as long as you own them. The protection that this spell can induce includes any kind of damage, fire, theft, collision with another vehicle, and accidents. It will also protect your car or boat from being hijacked meaning that you do not have to worry about your or your family’s safety while using your vehicle.

It is to be used to bless and protect new and used vehicles. This spell is designed to protect your car or boat from the evil eye.

It will also shield against harm of any kind, including: accidents, damage, theft, fire, collision or aggressive theft such as car-jacking.

While you are away, this Car Protection Spell will protect your possession. It is designed for permanent, general protection for your car or boat against any harm.

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