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Thank you very much, Memoona! I am so grateful for all you have done for me. Your spells are very powerful, and they produced wonderful results. My financial difficulties, marriage problems, and family conflicts have been successfully resolved with your spell work. God bless you.


Memoona is the best spell caster I have ever worked with. She literally saved my life twice. She will not disappoint you, and her services are highly recommended. She will make it happen.


I felt like the ugly duckling. I didn’t have many friends, and even my family treated me like I was nothing special. I was often forgotten. Nobody loved me, and I was tired of my lonely life.

When I heard about Memoona’s love spells, I sought her help immediately. All of a sudden, I had a bigger social life than I imagined a guy like me could ever have. Even my family was paying more attention to me. I finally felt loved, and it was an incredible feeling. I will always be grateful to Memoona.

Your spells work exactly as described. I just placed another order and cannot wait to receive the results.

Love ya 🙂


I ordered the reuniting love spell, and it took four weeks for him to realize that he made a mistake. He is back now, and we have never been happier. Thank you, Memoona; you are a gem.


When I first ordered my weight loss spell, I was 195 lbs. I was very worried because my husband and I wanted to get pregnant. I had to lose some weight first, but all the diets I tried were unsuccessful. So, I bought one of her weight loss spells. It worked great, and I lost 50 lbs. Our baby boy is now 16 weeks old, and I am very happy and fit.


This really works! I cannot believe it, but it really does!


Memoona, thank you very much for all you have done for me. The love of my life returned to me in only eight days after you cast your Power Spell. I have just emailed you for a money spell and hope we can get this started ASAP. You are a true spiritual person, and I will work with you for a long time to come.

Again, thank you very much for bringing him back to me.


Dear Memoona:

This is a personal note to you, and I hope you read it yourself and publish it on your site. Please, if someone else is reading this, please direct it to Memoona, because I want her to know how much she truly helped me!

Memoona, I was at my wit’s end with trying to get my boyfriend to commit to our relationship fully. I had tried everything I knew, but what I DIDN’T know was that all I had to do was come to you, and with your blessings and special magic powers, I wouldn’t have to do all the work at all. I got my life and my love back and now all in my life is balanced and happy again. You do a great service to people, and I don’t think many people as should know about you. Your talented and give of yourself so freely like you did to me. Thank you for weaving your magic love spells for me and Rick. It’s back to just the way it was when we first met, and we’re coming up on our fourth anniversary now!

Sincerely, Emma D.

I work in a flower shop. All the time nice, well-dressed men are coming in and buying flowers for the women in their lives. Just once, it would be nice to be the woman receiving the flowers instead of the one selling them. Just once, I’d like to be one of those women that men want to buy flowers for. That’s where Memoona, the most amazing spell caster I’ve ever known, changed my life. I asked her for a love spell. Life went on, and I began to question my belief in witchcraft…and then one day a man came into the store. He’d been in before but never bought anything. I know now that he was working up the courage to tell me he liked me… and he finally did, by buying me three dozen red roses. Thank you Memoona! Your love spell was wonderful!


Memoona, thank you! Your love spell brought him back to me and I could not be happier! If you are skeptical about Memoona’s abilities, her money spells and love spells are phenomenal. She cares about her clients, she truly wants to help, and she is the best spell caster in the world! Don’t trust your future to anyone else!


I am writing this because I want you to publish it on your website. I am a very satisfied customer of Memoona’s. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve had such a success with a spell caster. There is nothing mysterious, crazy, or “disingenuous” about her whatsoever. She is a straight-shooter, and she’s not looking into some crystal ball somewhere. She offers an excellent service for a reasonable amount of money. Do not look elsewhere. Stop here! Trust a 62-year-old woman!! Memoona will send your love right back to your doorstep — literally!

Sincerely, Very Pleased Customer


I want to recommend this site to all who come here to read these testimonials. If you are anything like me then some of you will do that first.

I came on this site a few months ago. I have been popping in and out and looking at the growing list on here. I wanted to hear the different stories and seeing what type of help is required and offered.

But, most of all I wanted to hear the responses from other people, not just to see if one fits my life or space- great if it does, it gives me hindsight and helps me with my intuitive side to make the right decisions and there have been a couple so far that I have read and been deeply touched by the things people have experienced.

I guess you could call me a people watcher of sorts.

I haven’t had the experience myself with this type of help but it has always fascinated me. I have called local tarot card readers or astrologers, that’s as far as I have gone but spells and things have always fascinated me.

This site has given me confidence to try a spell and see. I have just placed my order for 7 spells.


This is a brilliant site. Full of good spells good and honest white magic I will definitely recommend the money spells to every one (I am going to tell everyone about you Memoona) I could not believe the quantity of luck that Madam Memoona put into my life with her spells and sorcery. I believe I have never felt so well in my life either so whatever she has done has she has worked wonders in all senses I had a bad back up until I met her but now its gone and I did not even ask for help with it I believe her gift is given by god and she is blessed to have the saints and healing on her side. I consider myself to be a lucky person to have met her and her helpers. She is gentle and kind. Thank you, Memoona.


The unconditional love you have for humanity and mother earth and all that walks on this plane of existence is both wonderful and heart inspiring. More people should be like you.

You are astonishing with your impelling nature and choice of ritual works that you have under your belt to give and to share.

So it harm none do as ye will and what a lore that is. You live it and dance in its glory and goddess bless you with a myriad of wonderful things happening in your life for all you have shown me on my path of enlightenment.


Memoona is the spell caster you want to work with. She is honest and solves any situation in a flash.

I had been a very popular singer in my time, but the music industry had changed and left me behind. I wasn’t sure Memoona could help me, but I wanted to get back into the business. Money wasn’t my issue, so I knew a money spell would not solve my problems, but I missed my adoring fans. I asked Memoona for a love spell—not for me and any one woman but for me and my fans. I was a bit skeptical, but within months I was booking more gigs and my new cd sold more than the last three combined. Thanks to Memoona I am back in business!


Dear Memoona, I am so thankful for all you have done for me 🙂

Here is my review:

My boyfriend seemed to love his car more than he loved me. It was so frustrating and it was definitely getting old. I loved him, I really did, but I was tired of being second in line. He spent more time with his car than anything or anyone else. My friends were just telling me I should dump him, but I didn’t want to. I loved him more than he loved me, and that’s what I wanted to change.

I thought Memoona might be able to help me. She had helped me before (with a money spell when I was having a rough time). I’d heard about her love spells but had never tried one.

Once she performed the love spell, my boyfriend started paying more attention to me and less to his car. I couldn’t believe it. Magic had once again solved my problems. Two years later he and I are still together and expecting our first child. Memoona made me so happy!


Within two months of asking Memoona for a love spell, the man I’d been in love with for two years was dating me!! She is the best spell caster and I could not be happier. I’ve never experienced anything like her. I’ve never been happier, and it’s all thanks to Memoona and her love spells!


I’ve had my problems, but who hasn’t? We’re all a little crazy, right? I might be a bit crazier than others, I guess. I’ve been told I’m emotionally unstable by my family so I started seeing a psychologist.

The sessions went for a bout a year when I finally realized I was in love with him. Well, I told him and he told me I really wasn’t. What I was feeling was nothing serious. He called it transference or something like that. I knew it wasn’t. I loved him. Memoona was the only one who believed me and was willing to help me. She has helped me before with other problems (the money spell that afforded me the psychologist, even) so I knew I could count on her. She performed a love spell for me and within a few sessions, my psychologist asked me to start seeing someone else professionally because he was in love with me too.

Now I have a new psychologist and a great boyfriend!

I highly recommend Memoona’s spells for anyone that has a difficult situation. Her spells are inexpensive and work great! She never failed me.


My dog had been my best friend for a couple of years. When I was living on my own, the company was really nice.

I guess he got out one day and when I pulled into the driveway…I hit him. It was awful. I had no idea he was there. I took him straight to the vet and they told me he would be fine but that he needed surgery.

I didn’t have that kind of money, but I knew I couldn’t live without the dog. I had to get the money somehow. I went to Memoona. It was the only thing I could think of to do. Within a couple of days, her money spell had worked. And I had the money to pay for my beloved dog’s surgery.

Now he’s completely recovered and I have my best friend back thanks to Lady Memoona’s money spell!

Thank you Memoona, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.


My husband and I had been very happy together, until the accident. When our son died, it was like we couldn’t get past the grief. We separated, but I knew we still loved each other. I couldn’t let go of us, even though we’d been through such tragedy. My friend recommended Memoona. I was scared at first—I didn’t want to get my hopes up—but three weeks after she performed my love spell, my husband and I began talking. We decided our marriage was worth saving, and agreed to move back in together and get counseling. We can never completely get over the loss of our child, but thanks to Memoona we won’t be grieving for the loss of us, too.


There are a lot of spellcasters out there, and a lot of people who claim to know something about love spells, but take my word for it, Memoona is the real thing… and the best spellcaster out there. I’ve been seeking spiritual guidance from her for six years and she has helped me countless times. You’ll see what I mean, just give her a try!


Dearest Memoona. Many thanks for your help in establishing a link with my spirit guides and my family members. It has been a long time waiting for and I now have the courage moving forward into a new space, letting go of the hurt and anger I felt at the passing of my family in such tragic circumstances. I am learning to live each day as it comes and each moment as it appears. I feel my family’s spirit essence now with love around my home and I could not feel that before. Thank you everything you did for me.


Dear Memoona, I cannot thank you enough for the help, thoughtfulness, and positive prospects you have put into my life. You brought so many wonderful things to me I could not take it all in. You have slowly been making things happen. You have taught me so much and I wanted to share with you these things I have found to be most beneficial;

Love everyone because they have weaknesses and can make mistakes,

Love them for their strengths and humanness

Laugh always

Especially in the face of adversity.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


My Goddess! This site is amazing. I got fantastic results with the love spells from lovely Memoona. You are a credit to the internet! There is just fabulous stuff here, to gather and reap and am looking forwards to ordering my new spells with confidence. Thank you.


I’m singing in the rain I’m singing in the rain… Yippeeeeeee! Hi Memoona, I consider myself to be one of the luckiest people alive now. I am so sincerely happy enough I want to shout it from the roof tops. In fact I am shouting it from the roof tops, hahaha. You have changed my luck ohhhh have you changed my luck, I cannot believe it I have never had so much wealth in my life, it all just went mad. I love my spell I just love it and oh god I have so much to say thank you for. I want to give you a donation. I hope it’s ok. I would never have got here without your lotto spell. So it did come in threes – my chant, my mojo and my wammy money spell. Thank you, thank you, thank you . Right let me tell you what happened.

I WON THE LOTTERY………… naaaa naaaaa naaaaa naaaaaaa naaaaaaaaa. hahahahaha I could not believe it I mean me winning anything. I am so excited My winnings are going to be presented to me in a top hotel. OH MY GOD!!!! BRING IT ON!