Remove Culture and Family Conflicts


Do you feel as if the negative energy between you and those you have a relationship with is intrusive? Would the alleviation of a religious or cultural conflict set things right? By using a conflict removal spell, you will be able to restore relationships by removing culture and family conflicts.

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This spell is used when you and those you love are being driven apart by family, religious or cultural conflicts. Often this occurs because the parties experiencing conflict are from different backgrounds and do not understand each other. This spell will bring peace, love and harmony between and religious group, race or ethnic background. It can mend relationships and families torn apart by this most difficult type of conflict. The magical forces of this ritual will work in your favor to remove any and all cultural conflict or religious conflict that exists in your circle of relationships.

It expels conflict from your relationships without manipulation or interference with free will. The results of the spell are powerful, long lasting and pure. It will bring peace and harmony where unrest and conflict exist.

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