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I want to recommend this site to all who come here to read these testimonials. If you are anything like me then some of you will do that first.

I came on this site a few months ago. I have been popping in and out and looking at the growing list on here. I wanted to hear the different stories and seeing what type of help is required and offered.

But, most of all I wanted to hear the responses from other people, not just to see if one fits my life or space- great if it does, it gives me hindsight and helps me with my intuitive side to make the right decisions and there have been a couple so far that I have read and been deeply touched by the things people have experienced.

I guess you could call me a people watcher of sorts.

I haven’t had the experience myself with this type of help but it has always fascinated me. I have called local tarot card readers or astrologers, that’s as far as I have gone but spells and things have always fascinated me.

This site has given me confidence to try a spell and see. I have just placed my order for 7 spells.

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