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I’ve had my problems, but who hasn’t? We’re all a little crazy, right? I might be a bit crazier than others, I guess. I’ve been told I’m emotionally unstable by my family so I started seeing a psychologist.

The sessions went for a bout a year when I finally realized I was in love with him. Well, I told him and he told me I really wasn’t. What I was feeling was nothing serious. He called it transference or something like that. I knew it wasn’t. I loved him. Memoona was the only one who believed me and was willing to help me. She has helped me before with other problems (the money spell that afforded me the psychologist, even) so I knew I could count on her. She performed a love spell for me and within a few sessions, my psychologist asked me to start seeing someone else professionally because he was in love with me too.

Now I have a new psychologist and a great boyfriend!

I highly recommend Memoona’s spells for anyone that has a difficult situation. Her spells are inexpensive and work great! She never failed me.

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