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How do I request a Refund?

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I am extremely sorry to hear that you have not received your full results yet. As explained in my Satisfaction Policy this service is not about money, but about spiritual help and it is of utmost importance to me that my clients are happy with my services.

As long as you have not requested a free re-cast you qualify for a refund minus the minimum materials charge.

Mandatory Materials Charges that are excluded from the refund:

  • Standard Cast ($29): 15 US$
  • Standard Cast ($69): 40 US$
  • Triple Cast ($69): 40 US$
  • Triple Cast ($99): 60 US$
  • Power Cast ($199): 120 US$

In order to request a refund you will need to fill out the refund request form within the 2 weeks leading up to your spell anniversary) here.

Only refunds requested through the Refund Request Form can be honored. All refunds will be issued in compliance with our Refund Policy.

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